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Issue #01 | 2012, September

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EVE Audio debuted at the Musikmesse show in Frankfurt, Germany, last March 2012.
Since then, we have started doing business with a number of partners around the globe. Today, EVE Audio's products are present in 32 countries, with plans for further expansion.
Please check back the where to buy in our website to find out which companies deal EVE Audio's speakers in your country.

SC205 in the spotlight

Since our debut, our speakers have been reviewed several times and received no less than three product awards!

So far, the product that has received the highest attention was our two-way system model SC205, a bi-amplified monitor speaker that houses our proprietary Air Motion Transformer, a very stiff glass fibre coated 5" Silvercone woofer, 2 x 50 W PWM amplifiers, backfiring bass ports and a high resolution DSP electronics for very precise control over several filter sections, accurate volume control and phase settings.
The SC205 might seem like a small speaker, but with its extense bass frequency response and astounding output level, it certainly provides an exceptional listening experience. Here is an overview of the SC205 reviews:

Musictech magazine awarded the SC205 monitor 9 out of 10 stars and stated "Two things stand out from the off: nicely controlled, clear bass, and a remarkably open and deep sound stage." To read the full review, please click here.

Two more SC205 reviews were published in Poland's Estrada i Studio magazine and online at infomusic.pl.
Estrada i Studio commented "The excellent woofer (I can't stop being amazed of it) provides a great mid-frequency range control; and the AMT tweeter driver, in a class of its own, completes the picture and puts the SC205 at the top class near field monitors that deserve "Our Choice" award."
infomusic.pl is enthusiastic about the SC205 and has given it their awards for "Quality" and for "Quality/Price" ratio, with the following remarks: "EVE Audio's SC205 are top class near field monitors that easily compete with far more expensive products."

And last but not least, very fresh news from Australian AudioTechnology magazine is this glowing review that highlights all features the SC205 is provided with:
"One of the best design features, common to the whole range, is the multi-function rotary control at the bottom of the front of the cabinet. [...] Another thoughtful touch is the dip switches on the rear of the cabinets that ‘lock’ the level and/or filter settings."

Keep watching www.eve-audio.com to find out what model will be reviewed next!

Anechoic chamber @ EVE Audio

Lastly, we can report that our anechoic chamber is now in full and regular use.

This chamber is 26 ft long, 31 ft wide and 30 ft high (8 x 9.5 x 9.2 m). The damping of side walls, bottom and ceiling has a 4.6 ft thickness (1.4 m). With its "room-in-room-construction" architecture, this chamber is effectively decoupled from the surrounding environment down to 35Hz, thereby making it suitable for free field measuring for frequencies as low as 60Hz!

Issue #01 | 2012, September

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