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Issue #03 | 2013, March

EVE Audio SC208s for DJ Break

EVE Audio's UK distributor NOVA Distribution has announced the sale of a pair of EVE Audio SC208 monitors to renowned drum and bass producer and DJ Break, whose Symmetry Records is about to release the artist's second album 'Resistance'. Break is based at his own studio in Bristol, UK, and is delighted with the new monitors.

Said Break: "If I close my eyes when listening through the SC208's it seems like I'm in a large mastering studio, I open my eyes again and cannot believe these speakers have 8inch cones, the depth and clarity is phenomenal."

The SC208 monitors features tight and full frequency bass and is the last in EVE's two-way system series, starting with the smaller SC204. It features the same ease of use and detailed timbre reproduction of all other two-way monitors. But with a larger woofer and more powerful amplifiers, the SC208 is ideal as a main speaker for many professional studios.

Equally praised for his DJ skills, Break maintains a consistent touring schedule that sees him playing across the globe on a weekly basis on the stages of the world's biggest drum & bass institutions; from Fabric, Detonate, Bedlam, Warning, Metalheadz and Hospitality in the UK to the USA, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the breadth of Europe, playing headline shows or back2back sets with the likes of Die, Goldie and Dillinja.
After launching his own label Symmetry Recordings in 2006, Break honed and polished his sound with each single and released his first album, also entitled 'Symmetry' in 2008. Featuring forays into ambient, dubstep, funk, hip hop, house and soul amongst an arsenal of sure-fire drum & bass, 'Symmetry' earned Break an army of new fans from outside the D&B world with tracks picked up by the likes of techno legends Laurent Garnier and Josh Wink.

Two years later Break raised the bar further still via his second LP; 'Resistance'. Featuring collaborations with No U-Turn mastermind Nico, Bristol's DJ Die, super-duo Calyx & Teebee, DNAudio cohorts Silent Witness and Survival, Shogun Audio's SpectraSoul and vocalists Kyo and SP: MC, the album offers a glorious journey through the spectrum of Break's styles and influences and a clear indication of where his talents will lead him next.


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Mounting solutions at the focal point

EVE Audio's smallest monitors SC204 and SC205 also come with the convenience of threaded screw inserts on the bottom and the back. That way, you can mount those monitors on a regular microphone or speaker stand, or use the back plate for wall mounting.
To find out what wall mounting solutions EVE Audio offers please check here.

EVE Audio's Anechoic Chamber

EVE Audio GmbH is very fortunate to own an anechoic chamber. This ensures an extremely accurate adjustment and painstaking speaker design, which - without anechoic chamber - could not be achieved to this degree and not without compromise.
Usually the lowest operative sound pressure level for a loudspeaker occurs around frequencies below 300Hz. The average sound pressure level of the high and mid-frequencies should be adjusted to conform to this frequency range. In a conventional room it is impossible to place speaker and measuring microphone at a sufficient distance to any wall in order to avoid acoustic reflection in close proximity to the test-setup: Only the frequency range measured before the first significant acoustic reflection coming from a wall can be meaningfully evaluated. Thus, due to inherent so-called windowing, frequencies below 300 Hz cannot be mapped. It forces the developer to approximate the zone of indecision by either combining diverse measuring methods (near field measurements of all single sound sources and windowed measurements) or by using simulations. This approach is only able to deliver a roughly estimated result.

The developers working at EVE Audio GmbH have the means to execute highly accurate measurements down to 70Hz, which ensure clean and balanced calibrations. Another advantage of a large anechoic chamber lies in the capability to measure large speakers comprehensively. Multi-way systems in particular, featuring widely spaced single sound sources (speaker drivers), can only be precisely calibrated using microphones at distances of > 2m - as well as angled measurements of various angles and distances which are essential to any serious speaker design. EVE Audio's anechoic chamber, built as a room-within-a-room construction, offers the advantage of high absorption of exterior noise. This has a positive side effect when testing and optimizing amplifiers and ensures a high signal to noise ratio (almost inaudible background noise from active speakers). Any sound engineer, sitting close to a near-field studio monitor, appreciates this on a daily basis. Undesired resonances as well as flow noise or clattering can be easily identified and eliminated. Without the use of an anechoic chamber these are a lot less audible and might be concealed by exterior noise.
Anechoic chamber in the former BRF/RFZ building (Central Bureau of Radio and Television).
Dimensions: 9.25m x 8.25m x 8.55m
Operating volume: 6.7m x 5.7m x 6.1m
Solid sandstone double-shell masonry construction, 20cm gap
Low cutoff-frequency fu = 70Hz
Free-field deviation up to 45Hz < 6dB
Maximum test distance to test object = 3m
Length of the sound absorbing wedges - app. 1.2m

Upcoming trade show

Next opportunity to meet the team of EVE Audio and learn more about our monitors is at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany from April 10th to 13th.
We look forward to welcoming you at booth 5.1 B55.

Issue #03 | 2013, March

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