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Issue #04 | 2013, June

Hull College Music Dept goes for EVE Audio SC207

Leeds based Production Room has supplied several pairs of EVE Audio SC207 Monitors to the Music Production department of The Hull College group. At Hull, music students have access to 2 recording studios, 2 rehearsal rooms, 6 post production rooms and an audio suite incorporating 22 iMacs.
EVE Audio SC207 @ Hull College Hull's Senior Music Technician Mark Hitchin explained: "When looking to replace our tired studio speakers I was in contact with Production Room to demo various mid to high range monitors. After several different pairs of monitors, they mentioned that they had just received some new EVE Audio SC207s which were just slightly more than our budget, but certainly caught my attention when compared against other manufactures.
They instantly give the music clarity, a well dynamically balanced sound, filling out the Low frequency and a smooth crisp High without causing any harsh sounds. The SC207's are well-rounded monitors with the size being suitable for our professional Studios and complement our setup perfectly.
The SC207's offer a fantastic feature with the DSP setup being quick and easy and then disabling the controls to stop students from changing the required setup and giving the mix an inaccurate sound. After a couple of months of use, staff and students are very pleased with the purchase."

Phil Codd – Course leader BA(Hons) Music Production: "The thing that strikes me about the EVEs is their overall rounded quality. No area poked out and the top end has a very smooth roll off that prevents the brittleness that some other monitors have."

Steven Cutler – Music Production Lecturer: "I now use EVE monitors for the teaching of recording, mixing and mastering and I have noticed an improvement in the overall quality of sound as compared with other top brand monitors. The clarity in both the high and low end is outstanding with the ribbon tweeters making a marked difference. The monitors have helped in my lecturing role as students now find it easier and clearer to notice changes in EQ, compression and subtle differences in track dynamics. These changes are much more noticeable with the quality of the EVE monitors. I have also used these monitors for my own professional recording and mixing work and would recommend them to other recording / mixing engineers and to other educational establishments as a top quality reference monitor which stands side by side with some far more expensive alternatives."

Ifrinn Blackden – Student: "The EVE SC207's speakers are a great piece of kit, their well-balanced tine provides an excellent soundscape for production. They're more neutral than others we have, so are ideal for mixing and mastering important projects. They also function equally well at both extremes of dynamics. Plus they can go excessively loud!"

Mike Sheriff – Student: "As far as Studio Monitors go, all of the monitors we use have in Hull College at the moment do the job. But there's a massive difference in just doing the job and performing to the standard of the EVE Audio monitors.
These speakers are by far the very best I've ever used. I've had experience with other brands, but these seem pale in comparison to the EVE Audio's. The bottom end is rich, with an almost sublime smoothness that gives real texture to any sounds played through them. They have a punchy midrange with a great dynamic field which gives the user excellent diversity and range of use.
But my favourite feature of the monitors is the ribbon tweeters. They give a clarity and quality to the sound, unheard of when using inferior speakers."

* Photo: (L-R) Students Ifrinn Blackden, Roberta Lawson and Mike Sheriff with Hull Music Technician Mark Hitchin

EVE Audio SC305 for Gwenael Damman

Austrian Distributor 4 Audio has announced a sale of a pair EVE Audio SC305 to former bass player and leader of the Christina Stürmer band Gwenael Damman.
EVE Audio SC305 & Gwenael Damman Gwenael Damman also played live and/or on album with Nina Hagen, Dave Stewart, James Burton (Elvis Presley), Neil Taylor (Tear for Fears, Robbie Williams), Harold Faltermeyer (Axel F, Top Gun), and many more.

Currently he co-produced Ulla Ihm's debut album "Ulla Ihm" (Globart Records) with Harold Faltermeyer, and he also mixed and mastered Neil Taylor's album "No God like Rock'n'Roll" (Earcatcher).

Damman said: "My thoughts about EVE Audio? Easy! Trusting The EVE SC305 leads to the best quality of your mixes.
If you want to have a chance to get your mixes under control, then EVE audio is the first choice. And if your mix still sounds not good, it definitely doesn't come from the box. Those monitors give you a chance to hear clearly all frequencies of your mix. Mids and highs are there, and, what is surprising for such a small monitor, the subs too. Those monitors do not sound "nice", they just do not lie. They are linear, and deliver a true stereo image. Nowadays, those monitors are enough to make sure your mixes will translate well to every common speakers, or to your car radio. Eve gives you the right balance on every frequency... So if it is there, it is in your mix, if not, it is missing in your mix! If your mix sounds good with EVE, you are good to go... for mastering. Another point: this quality would have been unaffordable few years ago. The technology in those monitors is just out of price. Now that the loudness war is getting at its end, it is time to go back to monitors able to deliver a true dynamic range. At high, or low volume... all the frequencies are here.
Eve... Now you can trust your ears!"

EVE Audio BeliEVErs page online!

Do you want to read more EVE user stories? More BeliEVEr-stories? If so, please check here: our new BeliEVErs page is now online.
EVE Audio BeliEVErs: Gundy Keller & François-Maxime Boutault In our BeliEVEr stories we present EVE Audio users such as artists, producers, sound engineers, studios, audio schools and many more. Keep checking back – we update this page constantly. Maybe next time you'll find out your favourite artist became a BeliEVEr...!

UK based MusicTech magazine chooses the "6 of the best" studio monitors in five different categories. Does EVE Audio play a role?

The UK based MusicTech magazine follows the question what are the best studio monitors in the world today? Recording expert Huw Price gives the answers in the categories "BUDGET CHOICES", "MIDRANGE", "MID TO HIGH", "HIGH END" and "LUXURY".
We are thrilled that an EVE monitor is one of the "6 of the best" in the categories "MIDRANGE", "MID TO HIGH" and "HIGH END".
EVE Audio SC205, SC207 & SC305 in MusicTech MIDRANGE
In the category "6 of the best midrange" monitors that should offer professional sound quality and work superbly in smaller rooms you find our SC205. MusicTech states: "The SC205 have nicely controlled and clear bass and a remarkably open and deep soundstage. With natural acoustic recordings you get a real sense of the recording space. There's no hype in the low mids/upper bass and its very even down to 50Hz. Low-end performance is impressive, while left/right imaging is crisp and fine details are conveyed with ease."

In the category "6 of the best mid to high end" monitors with the claim that engineers need to be able to hear everything clearly to work efficiently you find our SC207! MusicTech states as follows: "The SC207 handles bass frequencies superbly, providing rhythmic drive without boominess. Upper frequencies are airy yet not excessively bright. Imaging is crisp with deep and natural room ambience. The 'desktop' midrange cut is superb and the SC207s integrated into our monitoring system seamlessly."

Monitors for the category "6 of the best high end" were judged based on demand for neutral sound, superb image and easy to listen to. Our SC305 made it into this category and MusicTech comments as follows: "We were struck by the even depth and solidity of the bass. Left/right stereo imaging is very crisp and there's plenty of air in the front/back image. With an ear-friendly, effortless quality that opens up your mix, the size of their sound belies the size of the cabinet."

You find the entire article in the MusicTech issue 122 May 2013.

SC207 receives Platinum Award from FutureMusic magazine

EVE Audios mid-size 2way monitor SC207 has been carefully reviewed by the UK based FutureMusic magazine. The entire review is available in the Mai issue of FutureMusic and also online available at Musicradar.com.
FutureMusic Platinum award for EVE Audio SC207 Please read some passages of that review below:
"Low end response is equally impressive, and for a speaker of this size there's plenty of bass extension."
"Eve's excellence is continued during mixing, with plenty of detail present when EQ'ing and compressing."
"That excellent overall tonal balance stays across the entire volume range."
"At this size and price they stand shoulder to shoulder with the best. Well worth trying."

FutureMusic praises:
1. Excellent well balanced sound
2. Great build quality
3. Superb imaging
For their excellent performance SC207 has received FutureMusic's Platinum Award! Thank you!!

The review in full length was published in 266 issue of FutureMusic magazine or is online available at Musicradar.com.

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Issue #04 | 2013, June

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