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Issue #05 | 2013, September

Shigeo Aoki chooses the SC305

Japanese sound designer and producer Shigeo Aoki was looking for a new set of speakers — and he chose the EVE Audio SC305. Proceed, a Japanese specialized magazine, paid him a visit to find out what made the SC305 so special:

Q. What was your first impression of the EVE SC305?

Their stunning sound impressed me. I was surprised to find out that the sound of big recording studios could be reproduced with speakers this big. And I knew right away that I would be much more motivated working with these speakers. For me, as a producer, it is very important to work with speakers that motivate me.
EVE Audio SC305 & Shigeo Aoki Q. The EVE SC305 are a three-way system. Up to now you had always worked with two-way speakers. What is the difference in a three-way monitor? What do you think is better and with what sort of music do you notice differences?

With three-way systems you hear the mids more accurately and directly. I listened to my older projects with the SC305 and immediately noticed a difference compared to my two-way system. But the Wow effect came while listening to music with vocals. The frequency range of vocals is much clearer and it is easier to hear the balance between the different elements. The lows sound different than before as well. They sound fresher and you can distinguish the bass and kick drum better. Three-way speakers convey the different instruments and musical elements much better, which changes the way you approach a mix.
Nowadays I am often involved in live recording and have mixed projects with my two-say system. When I play them back with the SR System (Substitutional Reality System) there are almost no differences. But when I mix something on the three-way speakers, I get closer to the goal, which is very convenient.
Many studios have three-way monitors that are very comfortable to work and mix with, but there has never been such a compact three-way system that still manages to sound like a big system.
In my opinion, the EVE Audio SC305 hit the nail right on the head.

Q. What are your criteria for loudspeakers?

Either they stimulate me or they don't :). Seriously, it is very important to be motivated when writing songs.
You change speakers depending on where you are or the specific period in time. But good speakers remain a standard, even decades later. I hope that EVE speakers become a standard in the industry. With the integrated DSP you can adjust the settings to any room. They are a new generation of speakers.

EVE Audio SC208s for Bullet Sound Studio's, Netherlands

Bullet Sound Studio's is one of the most well-respected studios in The Netherlands. Artists such as Anouk, Lenny Kravitz, Prince, Caught in the Act, Clouseau, Elvis Costello, James Taylor, John Hiatt, Nick Lowe & Tori Amos have passed through its doors.
EVE Audio SC305 @ Bullet Sound Studio's For the new season of the hit TV show "The Voice of Holland", engineer Han Nuijten was looking for a pair of reference speakers to use for the 200+ songs (yes you did read it correctly) that were to be recorded there. Because of the sheer volume of work (and time pressure) Han needed a monitor that wouldn't need 'getting used to' and would ensure that his mixes would translate immediately to TV without a second pass.

Having seen the EVE range at a local trade show Dutch distributor Audiopro arranged a demo of the SC208's – and never got them back. Han completed all the 200+ mixes, and didn't need to redo anything – a tribute to his mixing skills, with a little help from EVE.  He especially liked the low-end extension, detail & definition – making the use of a subwoofer unnecessary. 

Han is currently working on mixing a live CD for the musical 'Starlight Express', and is still very impressed with his EVE's.

EVE Audio SC307 has been nominated for 2013 Resolution Awards

We are excited to announce that our 3-way system SC307 has been nominated in the Monitoring category of the 2013 Resolution Awards.
EVE Audio – SC307 nominated for Resolution Award This prestigious award is given to reward quality and innovation. Winners will be announced in October 2013 - please find all nominations and the option to vote here.

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4way systems at the focal point

If you are looking for a combination of both quality precision and power for your main studio speakers, our SC4-series is your first choice.
EVE Audio SC407 Both models – the SC407 and SC408 – feature a very powerful amplifier array, with one amplifier per driver. The larger woofers duplicate all frequencies with an utmost preciseness up to 280Hz (SC407) / 250Hz (SC408) crossover frequency. The mid-range woofer picks up from there.
The result is an incredible bass reproduction, a very linear response, and plenty of power to shake up your main studio control room.

The stylish grey aluminium plate in the middle of the speaker not only houses the midrange woofer and AMT tweeter, but it can also be rotated to place your speaker vertically or horizontally.
Like all the other EVE monitors our cutting edge 4way monitors have a high resolution DSP electronics built in for very precise control over several filter sections, accurate volume control and phase settings. And all of this is accomplished directly from the speaker's front panel using a unique high precision knob.

Upcoming trade shows

EVE Audio @ 135th AES Convention We are very excited to exhibit at 135th International AES Convention. The show will be held from October 18th to 20th in the Jacob Javits Center in NYC, USA. Together with our North American distributor Tru North Music and Sound we'll present the range of EVE Monitors.
There are more international trade shows we will attend during fall season. Please check back in Trade shows to find out if we'll come to your country or your city.

Issue #05 | 2013, September

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