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Issue #06 | 2013, December

Producer and Singer Songwriter Callum MacColl installs EVE Audio SC307's
into his London recording studio

For anyone immediately recognising the MacColl family name, you will be familiar with the long and influential careers that Callum's Mother and Father Ewan MacColl and Peggy Seeger have brought to the folk scene. With such pedigree, it is understandable that Callum has been immersed into the world of creative musicians and singer song writers from an early age.

Callum recalls "I was 12 years old when I was tasked with the job of building the family studio with my brother and a family friend. This was in South East London back in 1975, so pre punk. I remember editing my mum and dads songs for many years in that studio. I became a full time professional musician when I was 22 and spent the next part of my life working in different indie bands like Rough Trade and the Liberty Horses. During this time I did lots of Session work all over."

"I would say my style is eclectic, I have worked with so many different styles and genres over the years. Some of my past projects include Eddi Reader, Hafdis Huld, Christie Hennessy, Christy Moore, The Bible, Brian Kennedy, Black, Sarah-Jane Morris, Ronan Keating, The Backstreet Boys and most recently the award-winning Malian singer Rokia Traore."

"Meanwhile, I always had a studio. It became that thing when you had to keep writing songs, and as you wrote them you had to produce and mix them for demo's. Nobody was going to do it for you unless you were willing to pay. So I have built up the studio over many years."
EVE Audio SC307 & Callum MacColl
Callum's studio is a converted double garage in the family home using a room within a room construction. The floor is raised on studs with the studio walls and ceiling offering an acoustic void between these walls and the original garage structure. Designed by the Studio Wizard – Howard Turner, the space has been treated to offer a natural deadness. In other words the mids and highs can still have a little reflection for character whilst keeping the troublesome low mids and lows under control with heavy baffling. Sporting a fine collection of around 40 guitars and a Microphone collection that would envy most studio owners, Callum recently decided to upgrade his studio monitoring system:

"So I went for the Eve's. I was worried about changing monitors, so I auditioned a number of brands to find what I was looking for. I choose the SC307's because they are easy on the ears in the high frequencies whilst offering such great clarity on the low mids without fatiguing and tiring the ears. They are easy to work on. Easier to identify EQs. The only thing I would say is that the stereo imaging is so precise. I suppose this is not a bad thing but it means you need to sit exactly in the sweet spot to enjoy their accuracy."

"I have had the EVE's for a few months now and I really enjoy listening to them. It has taken no time at all to become familiar with them and mix some great music through them."

Callum MacColl is currently working on a number of EP projects in conjunction with his record label Red Grape Records.

Stephan Ying aka DJ QuestionMark chooses SC208

Stephan Ying, also known as DJ QuestionMark is a Taiwanese DJ, music producer, sound recording engineer. He was Champion for East Asia Pioneer DJ competition in 2010, won the World DJ Competition Championship in 2011 and represents Taiwan at World DJ Competition which is held amongst no more tan 20 worldiwde DJs every year in the UK.

One of his latest projects included the music production for the opening ceremony of the World Ice Event "2013 Artistry on Ice", that was performed with Olympics Gold Medallists in Taipei, GuangZhou, Shanghai and Beijing to name a few.

With his constant curiosity for music, he experienced all different kinds of music and is always searching for different tastes of music and possibilities. Some of his work can be found here: KDX Red House, Petroleum, Can't See No Light, Sound of Comebuy.
EVE Audio SC208 & DJ QuestionMark
Stephan Ying: "I realized the 5" monitors I previously used did not satisfy my needs for sound quality anymore and I started looking for a speaker that provides more detail in low and mid-low frequency. I looked for a 7-8" monitor to fit equally into my home studio and budget. When I listen to monitors depth of sound is important to me, high frequency should not be sharp, lows tight and mids crystal clear.

Word of mouth led DJ QuestionMark to contact Audio Solution and consequently EVE Audio. He says: "We A/B'd a number of brands in an intense listening session and I realized I love the sound quality of EVE. The music included Dance, Jazz and Funk but no matter what music was played the sound reproduction was always very clear and open. I really liked the vocals; they sounded as if this was live. In this auditioning I also listened to some of my own work. No matter if it was a studio recording or live performance flaws were immediately detected. For me EVE has the most suitable monitors that I have ever encountered for my work. The accuracy in my work has dramatically increased and I'm very satisfied.

Although the EVE's were a bit more expensive than I thought I made my decision very soon and do not regret my purchase since. Since some time the EVE SC208's are installed in my studio. I had to get used to the high frequencies these speakers produce that sound always clear and silky. The comfortable one push knob operation in front offers easy access to control HIGH, LOW and DESK settings. This saves me a lot of time. At night, when I work at a lower volume it's still comfortable to listen to those speakers and the quality remains to be on the same high level. With this excellent sound quality I can work longer without my ears getting tired and I'm sure this pair EVE SC208 is the beginning of a long lasting and close relationship. My deepest gratitude to EVE Audio and Audio Solution for allowing me to experience such wonderful and excellent monitors."

Subwoofers at the focal point – Passive radiator

EVE Audio TS110 Subwoofer
The particularity of our extremely powerful and accurate subwoofers resides in the passive radiator used and that replaces the common bass reflex port for a number of advantages:

- All audible hum due to air turbulence disappears completely.

- No unwanted disturbing pipe resonances (at lambda/2 and multiples), which are unavoidable when applying the principle of a two-sided pipe opening (bass reflex port).

- The suspension of the passive radiator has a restoring force beneath its tuning frequency and reduces inaudible excursions in the subsonic range. This in turn results in reduced intermodulation distortion in the working range.

- A particularly low tuning or lower frequency limit in a compact body.

Award Nominations

EVE Audio nominated for TEC and Sound On Sound Awards We are excited to announce that our 2-way system SC207 has been nominated in the Monitoring category of the 2014 Sound On Sound Award. This prestigious award is given to reward outstanding products. Please view all nominations here.

And, our complete range of 3-way systems has received nomination for prestigious 2013 TEC Award! This award rewards outstanding technical achievements. Please check here to find out about other nominees.

Winners for both awards – 2014 Sound On Sound Award and 2013 TEC Award – will be announced at NAMM show in January 2014.
Best of luck to the nominated EVE's – and thanks to all who voted or will vote for us.

Upcoming trade show

EVE Audio @ NAMM Show 2014 Next opportunity to meet the team of EVE Audio and learn more about our range of high quality studio monitors is at NAMM show in Anaheim, USA.
Please visit us from January 23rd to 26th in our show room 210 C on Mezzanine level!
Please register for your badge here — we look very much forward to seeing you there.

Issue #06 | 2013, December

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