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Issue #07 | 2014, March

Northampton University chooses EVE Audio SC407 monitors

Academia, the North London based music technology education supplier has installed EVE Audio SC407's into the music department of Northampton University.

EVE Audio SC407 @ the University of Northampton The University of Northampton's Popular Music degree has a new subject leader in Gordon Okafor-Ross and he has spent the past six months updating the department's facilities to ensure that the new course will produce 360° musicians capable of performing, recording and criticising their own work.
Over the past month he and his students have been test-driving monitor speakers, which they finally narrowed down to a straight shootout between Eve SC407, Adam S3H-X and Focal Twin 6.

"After rotating the universal mid/tweeter plate 90 degrees from horizontal to vertical the EVE SC407 monitors really came together in our control room. The bass is tight, the mids are clear and the top end is very detailed. The EVEs feel very forensic and mixes developed on them sound great on other systems. In a university environment, unlike a commercial studio, you must be prepared for students to make mistakes and the classic is switching on phantom power with a microphone channel open. I was really worried about the costs of regularly replacing fragile AMT drivers, however the EVEs have a DSP protection circuit built into the input stage rather than limiting the amplifiers on other types of loudspeaker, they also helpfully flash to warn when you are close to overloading the speakers, which makes my heart beat a little more comfortably when handing the studio over to unsupervised students. Couple this with the bass extension and the uncompromising sound quality and we've found our perfect midfield monitors."

Łukasz and Adam Sztaba in love with EVE Audio SC307

Łukasz and Adam Sztaba are both highly regarded names in Polish music business.
Adam Sztaba works as composer, music producer, conductor, arranger and pianist. He collaborated with many Polish and international stars such as Quincy Jones, Sting, Chris Botti, Michael Bolton, José Carreras, Kenny G., NDR Bigband, Lutricia McNeal, Dita von Teese, Helena Vondráčková, Karel Gott, Drupi, Edyta Gorniak, Kayah, Ania Dabrowska, Sinfonia Varsovia, Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra. In 2005, he founded the Adam Sztaba Orchestra. He was the musical director, arranger and conductor of many well-known television programs like "Idol", SOPOT FESTIVAL 2005 and 2006, "Dancing With the Stars". In December 2010, he performed with Sting conducting the Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra at a concert to celebrate the 85th anniversary of the Polish Radio.

Łukasz Sztaba is a Polish pianist, composer, arranger, sound designer, music producer and Musical director of Forevel. He is keyboard player he plays in Adam Sztaba Orchestra where he had the opportunity to work with many Polish and international stars. In his career, he has been involved into many musical projects for public and private Polish TV and advertising agencies.
Both looked to modernizing their individual studios, where Adam and Łukasz compose, record and mix for their numerous projects. They also decided to replace the existing monitor systems.

EVE Audio SC307 for Łukasz and Adam Sztaba Having tested many systems from some of the most valued manufacturers, their attention was drawn to EVE AUDIO monitors. The first model to be tried out was the SC207 with the TS108 sub, which Adam and Łukasz praised for their performance. However, after they had heard the SC307, there was no doubt which of the brands and models tested was the winner. EVE AUDIO SC307 offered the best sound space, depth and perfect control, also in low frequencies, even without a sub.

Łukasz: "EVE AUDIO SC307 captivated me. Stereo image, precision, quality sound and comfort for my ears are something I was looking for since long."
Adam: "When listening to the symphonic recordings on EVE Audio SC307 speakers I feel as if I'm standing on the conductor podium among the musicians playing. Naturalness, spaciousness and saturation of sound are most important to me. And I found it here."

TS108 wins FutureMusic Platinum Award!

We are pleased to say that our mid-size subwoofer TS108 has been carefully reviewed by the UK based FutureMusic magazine and received their Platinum Award for outstanding performance!

EVE Audio TS108 wins FutureMusic Platinum Award FutureMusic states:
"This TS108 can produce oodles of low frequencies, and as a seasoned 2.1 monitor user, I have to say this knocks the socks off my sub."
"..., the TS108 is a great sub, and the onboard DSP functionality makes it ideal for use not only with EVE Audio's own nearfields, but with any powered monitors."
"It seems odd to get excited about a subwoofer but the TS108 is an excellent, feature-packed design."

The review in full length can be found in the current FutureMusic issue and will be soon online on our homepage.

Product alert: SC3010 and SC3012

We are proud to announce the debut of our newest monitoring solutions SC3010 and SC3012.
Designed and assembled in Berlin, Germany, the SC3010 and SC3012 serve as main monitors, making them especially well-suited for large recording studios, mastering suites, audio post-production studios for film and television, including cinema applications and in-wall installations.

EVE Audio SC3010 and SC3012 The SC3010 powered studio monitor utilizes a new 10-inch low frequency driver while the SC3012 houses a 12-inch low frequency driver. Both models are equipped with a 5-inch Rohacel™ sandwich diaphragm woofer that has been designed to reproduce midrange frequencies very clearly and with utmost detail.
The SC3010 and SC3012 are the only monitors in the EVE Audio range that feature the newly developed RS6 Air Motion Transformer. Its larger geometry and increased folded diaphragm area are designed to achieve a higher sound pressure levels and serve a wider frequency range, with a crossover point as low as 1800Hz.
All of the frequency response parameters are controlled by high-resolution DSP electronics supported with a high quality A/D converter from Burr-Brown. As the PWM-amplifiers are directly connected to the DSP section, no additional conversion is necessary, which ensures extreme reliability.
For in-wall installations all corresponding acoustic filter modifications are achieved when filter controls are set to "in-wall". The backfiring bass ports can be closed with provided foam material.

The speakers are packaged in sophisticated cabinets that house an ultra stiff front plate which combines plywood with a special inner construction to reduce unwanted resonances. The stylish grey center plate housing the midrange unit and AMT tweeter can be rotated to allow for use in both vertical as well as horizontal orientation, preserving control room sight lines and optimizing acoustic performance.

With the SC3010 and SC3012 monitor systems the EVE Audio team brings its ongoing innovation and development to larger working environments that require the consistency and quality for which EVE Audio is recognized.
Expected to ship in September 2014, the EVE Audio SC3010 will carry a list price of 4000 € and SC3012 of 5150 € respectively.

May we introduce: our new Air Motion Transformer technology RS6

A system is only as good as its weakest link. So to properly match the quality of our SilverCone drivers, the R&D team at EVE Audio specifically designed their own tweeters: the RS1, RS2, RS3 and RS6.

EVE Audio RS6 tweeter Their principle is based on an Air Motion Transformer (AMT):
A thin folded diaphragm, with a specially designed aluminium layer, is positioned inside a very strong magnetic field. Due to this magnetic field, when electrical current flows through the aluminium layer, the folds of the diaphragm work against each other, similarly to an accordion. This movement causes the diaphragm to push out air at a very fast rate, with a speed transformation in a 4:1 ratio. The result is a combination of higher sound pressure levels, greater transparency, low distortion and improved overall clarity.

This kind of technology, completely implemented by our in-house engineers, guarantees that our ribbon systems are unique and not remotely comparable to other technologies available on the market.

But it's not only internal electronic differences that make up our technology. We're concerned with every aspect of component design, inside and out.
With our ribbon systems RS1, RS2 and RS3; we have constructed large open slots, designed to minimise sound colouration.
And our newest ribbon driver, the RS6, sits in a large rectangular housing to accommodate its 2.5 times larger diaphragm. With this increased folded diaphragm area, the RS6 is able to deliver a higher sound pressure level and a wider frequency range. All of this with a crossover frequency as low as 1500 Hz and a remarkably low level of distortion.

New EVE Audio catalogue available

EVE Audio Catalog 2014
This SC3010 and SC3012 product launch and corresponding homepage update goes hand in hand with the release of our brand new EVE Audio catalogue!
76 pages are fully packed with Information about EVE Audio, product descriptions, technical specifications, frequency response, polar pattern and distortion charts.

Please download your personal copy here and happy reading!

Upcoming trade show

EVE Audio @ Musikmesse 2014
Next opportunity to meet the EVE Audio team and take a listen to our products is at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany from March 12th to 15th.
We will be presenting the above-mentioned new products SC3010 and SC3012 along with the monitors from our 2-way-, 3-way- and 4-way range and the line of our TS-subwoofers.

We look forward to welcoming you at booth 5.1B57.

Issue #07 | 2014, March

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