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Issue #08 | 2014, June

EVE Audio SC407 User Story – Troy Antunes

Producer and professional bassist Troy Antunes has invested in a pair of EVE Audio SC407's for his studio in Muswell Hill, north London.
Troy was looking at replacements for his D.A.S passive monitors, and after listening to a number of options, decided on the EVE SC407 active monitors.
Troy's studio control room is around 3m wide by 5m long and treated with a 'live end/dead end' design using heavy absorption at the console end of the studio and diffusion panels at the other end to break up the sound field on the early incidental reflections. There is also a slanted drop down ceiling baffle to break up ceiling to floor standing waves. The studio has an unimposing character with some carefully evaluated treatment used throughout. The EVE's were placed in a portrait position using the adjustable tweeter/mid-range plate on the SC407's. The positioning and speakers size were ideal for the studio, with enough power to fill the room at louder levels without overdriving the system.
EVE Audio SC407 - Funky Viva Prod., Troy Antunes "It didn't take me long to get my ears onto them," said Troy, "probably because I am used to the room as well, but as soon as I realised – OK, so this is how the EVE's work, I get it, and then it was off to the races". Troy continued "I was listening back to my old mixes, and I'm like hold on where did the mid's go?! I could hear stuff in the mix that I forgot I even had in there." Troy went on to say "I recently had to learn some bass parts for an upcoming session and so I put my axe through the SC407's for the first time which was a real nice surprise. A lot of systems including my own that I have worked on, I would be – OK, so I need to back off a bit here, and this might need some shaping around, but the Eve's just took it".

In the studio we noticed Troy's open session and asked what he was working on. "The last few days I have been doing a lot of vocal editing," explained Troy "so the EVE's have been running pretty quiet. The great thing is that what you hear at low levels is exactly what you hear at louder levels which works for me as you don't need to be blasting it out all the time. Of course when you're playing back to the clients you need the punch to hit you in the chest which the 407's deliver. Everything's tight man!" concluded Troy, smiling happily...

We appreciate Troy inviting our UK distributor Nova Distribution to pop down to take a picture of the EVE's in his studio and get some feedback on how the monitors are working with him so far. We couldn't help noticing a number of platinum discs around the studio with some very nice album and live tour accolades, notably with Justin Timberlake so we asked what projects Troy had been involved with.
Troy informed, "Justin and I met during NSync, I was with those guys since day one. Interestingly they were big in Germany before they made it in the US. My cousin Kevin Antunes and I were assigned musical director and assistant musical director for NSync and I played the bass. So we did the whole NSync thing for about 4 albums and then Justin wanted to do his solo thing. Justin asked Kev and I if we would like to join him on the Justifed tour and we were like "What are you crazy, this is like some of the dopest music we've heard" That was back in 2003 and so we spent the next 3 years touring the world with Justin alongside an amazing 13 piece live band. It was awesome, and we were blessed to be amongst such amazing musicians."

We asked Troy what he is doing here in the UK and what his next chapter holds in store. "At the moment I'm doing a lot with my own label Funky Viva Productions. We are working with a new RnB pop group NVS. It's going really well and we are just trying to get the album finished and sent over to Carl Nappa for final mixdown. Things are definitely happening".
Listening back to the latest song from NVS, it is clear that Troy has definitely got to grips with the monitors and is making sure he gets every drop of energy out of the 407's. Sounding very phatt!

We wish Troy all the best with his Funky Viva Label and upcoming projects. Thanks for choosing the EVE's and sharing your good vibes on the SC407's with us.

EVE Audio SC205 and SC307 in music production academy Record Factory in Seoul, Korea

Record Factory is a music production academy that is located in downtown Seoul, Korea. In their main recording studio EVE's SC307 and SC205 has been installed and are now for the use of students to practice sound engineering, computer music production, vocal and instruments recording. This young but highly distinguished academy is drawing industry's attention for its advanced programs and operating know-how that matches the high level of world standard.
EVE Audio SC407 - Record Factory CEO, Jonghee Park has long and outstanding education background in the music and engineering filed of North America. He launched his own music institute in 2012, and its rapid growth has forced him to open one of the largest private academies, called "Dream Campus" located right in front of the city's landmark for music field, "SAC" opera house.

The staffs in Record Factory favourite EVE speakers, and CEO Park comments on SC205: "Among those 5 inch studio monitors I've listened to, SC205 has the most neutral and natural character. While most mid/small sized monitoring speakers sound often stimulating, or colored, or boost lows and heights like hi-fi speakers, SC205 delivers an impressive, naturally, well balanced and transparent sound. That's what a monitoring is supposed to do. Additionally, I like the very natural position of each instrument and the speakers ears-fatiguing after long monitoring session."

This Dream Campus' studio has a large control room with SC307 and SC205 set up on the main console. Four individual recording booths are built around with precise acoustical treatment. Four teaching labs are fully equipped with up-to-date high end pro audio tools and devices – each is mainly for electronic dance music, DJ, computer music production and Sound Engineering. All facilities are open from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
Students and learners at Dream Campus appreciate the EVE speaker unrivalled clarity and precision that surely helps to increase level of education and practice.

EVE Subwoofers are put to test

Our subwoofers have been thoroughly reviewed by three UK magazines. While Sound On Sound and Musictech have put their ears on TS107 in combination with SC204, FutureMusic has checked out TS108.

FutureMusic states:
"It seems odd to get excited about a subwoofer but the TS108 is an excellent, feature-packed design."
The highlights are:
1. Helps deliver a flexible 2.1 set-up
2. Remote control is a godsend
3. Oodles of low frequency power
For their outstanding performance TS108 has received FutureMusic's Platinum Award! Thank you!!
EVE Audio Subwoofers Sound On Sound sums up: "They (SC204 - editor's note) have the detailed but non-fatiguing Eve family sound and even though you cant feel the bass, there is still a decent impression of depth."
"Bring in the sub and these toddlers morph into adults, delivering effortless full-range sound with deep, well-controlled bass."

Musictech comments:
"This is a superb-sounding, full-frequency system with user-friendly features that's particularly well suited to smaller rooms."
Musictech praises:
1. Superb sound quality
2. Excellent remote control
3. Full frequency response
4. Compact
5. Excellent front-mounted controls
6. Standby mode

All three reviews are in full length available in the corresponding March issues or on our homepage.

SC204 in the 12 of the best affordable monitor speakers

EVE Audio SC204 UK based Musicradar magazine has chosen 12 of the best affordable monitor speakers between £200 and £600.

Our SC204 which is the most expensive model in that assortment and stands side-by-side with other and very well-known brands.

3-way systems at the focal point

Our 3-way-systems SC305 and SC307 feature two woofers that both serve different frequency ranges. Whilst one works as a bass woofer in the frequency range up to 350Hz (SC305) or 300Hz (SC307), the other covers as a bass-midrange-driver the entire frequency bandwidth up to 3000Hz. Our Air Motion Transformer RS3 (SC305) or RS2 (SC307) reproduces all frequencies above 3000Hz. These 3-way-monitors are mainly designed for horizontal placement in which their settings need to be mirrored. These speakers are identically pre-configured when they leave our Berlin factory but for an accurate stereo image our users need to determine which woofer is the low-end woofer and which one the bass-midrange driver.
EVE Audio 3-Way Systems In order to define low-end and bass-mid woofer please use the DIP switch that is located on the speakers' back side. This DIP switch is called woofer sel. = woofer selection.

To get a very precise and accurate stereo image without any coloration we recommend placing the speakers with bass woofers outside and bass-mid woofers inside. Please note the provided pictures and description.

Issue #08 | 2014, June

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