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Issue #09 | 2014, September

Route94 and Chevy One beliEVE in SC407

Pro Audio Dealer Red Dog Music in Clapham Common, London, UK has been busy supplying some of the hottest dance producers in London with EVE"s over the summer. Notably, producers Route94 and Chevy One have both invested in EVE's 4 Way systems, the SC407's.

EVE Audio SC407 - Route94 Clocking up a staggering 38+ million hits on YouTube and reaching number one in the UK Singles and UK Dance Charts, Route94's catchy vocal dance anthem "My Love" Featuring Jess Glynne has brought about some incredible attention to this talented debut London Producer from Richmond. Rowan has used this opportunity to invest in a monitor upgrade. Red Dog Music's Pro Audio and Dance Production Specialist Sergio Batista (Gio Star) was on hand to help Rowan get sorted. The choice was simple, I needed monitors that could tell me everything all the way down. "The EVE's are clinical on layer separation, which is especially good for dance music production. The 407's pick out EQ's and Reverbs no problem, which is great for imaging the sounds", Rowan Jones, Route94.

EVE Audio SC407 - Chevy One Chevy One is a Spanish DJ & Producer at the forefront of London's house, Tech-funk, and electronic dance music scene. Signed to Tech-funk Label Lot49 Records since 2009, Chevy One has achieved chart success with a number of remixes and compilations including a remix of Pharrell Williams "A.D.D.S.U.V" with Uffie, which was chosen as the winning entry in a competition by Pharrell Williams. Chevy One also generates a sizable amount of work offering "Ghost Writing" services to well known international DJ's. You have probably heard Chevy One's music more than you think, with his own or collaborated tracks being played across the London dance stations and Radio One.
"After rebuilding my studio the sense of bass disappeared from my previous monitors. I am not a big fan of subs so I wasn't considering one. Oh boy! After choosing the EVE SC407's and setting them up in my room, it was roaring a warm solid bass that hooked me in seconds. I was very paranoid about ribbon tweeters but once again the EVEs have nailed it. The 407s have the most pleasant yet highly detailed frequency in the high and mid range I could possibly ever need, comp it with dual, yes that's right dual bass drivers, and I think I have found my perfect monitors" comments Chevy One.

DJ Rob Shaker beliEVEs in SC407

Rob Shaker is an Australian DJ who is actively involved with the hip-hop scene in down under.
He started his career at a bar that was a well-known place for many local hip-hop and breaks artists to play. As a DJ Rob has done live work with dozens of MC's from around Australia and won an award as best DJ in 2013.
Rob has an Advanced Diploma in Audio Engineering at SAE and works also in his own studio "Shake Down Studio"; recording, mixing, mastering and making beats.
Rob was involved into a great number of individual projects; most of which have been done in the last 2 years.

EVE Audio SC407 - Shake Down Studio Recently, after shopping around for an upgrade to the monitoring setup at "Shake Down Studios", Rob chose the EVE Audio SC407's.
Rob says: "After upgrading to the SC407's I feel like I'm listening to my mixes for the first time. Amazing separation, and stereo imaging and they can reproduce the low end with ease."

To learn more about Rob Shaker please read on here.

What the press says: SC408

Two leading magazines, Sound On Sound (UK) and KR Home-Studio (France) put an ear on our largest 4 way monitor SC408.

EVE Audio SC408 - Sound On Sound & KR Home-Studio Sound On Sound comments as follows:
"Initial impressions were of a very detailed and informative midrange, with a smooth and refined treble that was perfectly balanced against the mids."
"As my listening progressed it became abundantly clear that this is a genuinely revealing monitor with superb mid-range clarity and precise tonal accuracy, as demonstrated by the extremely natural sound of spoken voices."
"There is no doubt that the SC408 is an impressive midfield monitor, and in a large and well-treated room it will deliver a genuinely full-range sound picture with excellent clarity and definition, and superb stereo images."

KR Home-Studio mentions among the pros "the sound, the high resolution, the usability of the DSP control and the efficiency of the adjustable filters" and describes a listening experience with the SC408 as follow:
"The sound reproduction of this active monitor elegantly combines consistency and precision. The tight and perfectly controlled low end matches the consistency of the mid range and the delicacy of the high end. The latter is delivered by the AMT tweeter, which is just incredible for its high-quality transient reproduction, its lack of annoying directivity, and its exemplary precision. In spite of its remarkable accuracy, you'll feel no ear fatigue at reasonable listening volume, where monitors equipped with more or less controlled metal dome tweeters show their sharpness."

Good to know

EVE Audio SC40X - Mid-Hi section Every SC407 or SC408 model features a stylish grey center module that houses the midrange woofer and AMT tweeter. But, it can also be rotated (90°) to place the speaker vertically or horizontally to integrate them in a studio in the best possible way.

SC205 receives Editors Choice Award from Pro Tools Expert

EVE Audios second smallest 2way monitor SC205 has been thoroughly reviewed by Pro Tools Expert and gotten the Editors Choice Award!

EVE Audio SC205 - Pro Tools Expert Please read why Pro Tools Expert got excited about the SC205:
"The Eve SC205 have garnered a lot of praise from reviewers and owners alike – it's not hard to understand why. The Eve SC205 offers a nice transparent and open top end and a tight low end. I am a bit of a mid freak and want to know it's not missing in a mix. One concern I had with the SC205s would be that the mid was going to be lost by their openness, my fears were unfounded and after some time of working with them I found my mixes were coming out with more detail and a better bass in them."
"I've had them for about 6 weeks and last week their UK distributor Nova Distribution asked for them back. I gave them my credit card details instead. I think you would call that Editors Choice."

EVE Audio in the WorldWideWeb

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Upcoming trade shows

EVE Audio - Social media Autumn is convention season and we are pleased to announce that the range of EVE Audio monitors will be show cased on a number of national and international trade shows around the globe. You will meet us at AES show in Los Angeles, US, at InterBEE in Tokyo, Japan, at SAE Alumni show in our hometown Berlin, Germany, at Music China show in Shanghai, China and at Tonmeistertagung in Cologne, Germany.
We look forward to meeting you!

Issue #09 | 2014, Septembre

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