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Issue #10 | 2014, December

Greg Wurth beliEVEs in SC307

EVE Audio SC307 - Greg Wurth Grammy nominated, gold & platinum award winning producer Greg Wurth is chief engineer and studio manager at Steve Vai's "The Mothership Studio" in North Hollywood, California, USA and owner of his new Patigonia Studios. He has produced and mixed for artists and groups such as Steve Vai, Tracii Guns (LA Guns & League of Gentlemen), & Johnny Lang, to name a few.

Select Credits:
· Steve Vai - The Story of Light
· Steve Vai - Where The Wild Things Are
· Steve Vai - Where The Other Wild Things Are
· Steve Vai - VaiTunes singles releases
· Tracii Gun's League of Gentlemen - The First Record

We caught up with Greg recently to learn more about him and his great work, plus where EVE Audio monitors fit in as an essential recording and production tool.

For the entire interview with Greg Wurth please read on here.

Dallas Studios in Reykjavik, Iceland beliEVEs in SC407

EVE Audio SC407+TS112 @ Dallas Studios Dallas Studios in Hafnarfjörður, Iceland was established in 2012 and is one of the most vibrant studios in Greater Reykjavik. Whether you are tracking, mixing or mastering, Dallas Studios is equipped with top of the line outboard, backline and now monitoring.

Since February 2014, the studio has been equipped with a pair of SC407. To extend low-end frequencies of the SC407's they are supported by one subwoofer, TS112.
Studio owner Johann Runar Thorgeirsson prefers the audio quality of the SC407: "They are amazing. The high frequency presence is very smooth without being dull. Also the TS112 Subwoofer with the remote control is a dream to work with. I'm really happy with our new set up and with the EVE's."

In house engineer Mr. Teitur Ingi Sigurdsson adds: "These SC407 speakers offer, in my opinion, the best separation I have heard in a studio monitor. The TS112 subwoofer with the remote and satellite function is brilliant to work with offering SC407's only, full range or not, with a push of a button."

What the press says

EVE Audio in the press TapeOp SC205 + TS107
"I love the smoothness of the SC205's Air Motion Transformer tweeter."
"As for the upper midrange on the EVE, I found it robust enough to judge what's happening in that range, but easy to listen to for hours at a time."
"[...], after a couple of months of use, I still really like the way the SC205 speakers sound, and working on the every day makes me happy. I appreciate that mixes done on them translate well, and I also enjoy listening to my favorite records through them."
"Since you daisychain your main speakers through the TS107, this gives you remote volume control and a single-button mute for your whole speaker system."

Audio Media SC408
"As usual, I started by listening to some familiar material before working with them, and favourites such as tracks from Grace Jones' Hurricane album (mixed by Cameron Craig and mastered by Bob Ludwig) sounded every bit as big and bold as they should."
"They're definitely a high-quality piece of kit, mostly suitable for large rooms and at their best when positioned some way back from the listening position."
"In a larger space there's a lot to like about this loudspeaker, the way it combines clever design and reasonable cost with a big, neutral-but- involving sound making it a winner."

Both reviews in full length are available here.

Musictech - Six Of The Best

EVE Audio - MusicTech Six of the Best In the category 2.1 systems UK based Musictech magazine nominated our SC204 in combination with TS107 to be the winner!

"It's a superb-sounding, full-frequency system with user-friendly features that's particularly well suited to smaller rooms."
We say "thank you" for this award!

Good to know: our Subwoofers are IR remote controlled

Remote controlled EVE Audio Subwoofers All EVE Audio subwoofers feature an IR remote control that allows to control the following functions comfortably from the listener's position or sweet spot:

On button: use On button to put the subwoofer in standby mode.
LED button: use LED button to select the sub's LED mode (bright ring, bright point, dimly lit ring, dimly lit point).
Phase button: press phase button to shift phase of subwoofer's signal by 180°.
Pure Satellite button: use Pure Satellite button to mute the subwoofer and reproduce signal only through satellites.
System Volume (+)/(-) button: use System Volume (+)/(-) button to increase or decrease the volume of the entire system.
Sub Volume (+)/(-) button: use Sub Volume (+)/(-) button to increase or decrease only subwoofer's SPL.
Sub Filter (+)/(-) button: use Sub Filter (+)/(-) button to set cut off frequency of subwoofer's low pass filter and to select LFE mode.
Mute button: press Mute button to mute the entire 2.1 system, press again to exit mute mode.

Happy end of year holidays

Eve Audio
We would not wish to close this last newsletter of the year without wishing you all a very joyful festive season and good health, happiness and prosperity in 2015.

Issue #10 | 2014, December

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