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Issue #11 | 2015, March

Sear Sound Studio in NYC, USA beliEVEs in SC207

EVE Audio SC207 - Sear Sound Studio Legendary Sear Sound studio, one of the oldest and most respected recording studios in New York City, NY, US has installed a pair of EVE Audio SC207 studio monitors.

Chief engineer Chris Allen comments:
"Looking at the small size of the monitor, I wasn't expecting the amount clarity and fullness in the low end that comes out of a pair of monitors of this size. The low mids and below are untouchable by any other 6.5" driver I have heard. The tweeters are extremely smooth, and I haven't been feeling fatigued at all, even after a full week of 12 hour days.
For me, their strongest quality would be that the balance doesn't change dramatically at different volume levels. I have been able to work at a lower volume without feeling like I'm missing out on low end.
I work mostly in jazz, where the details of every instrument are absolutely critical. The SC207's have greatly exceeded my expectations in reproducing this level of detail. In the first week, I have already had a few clients comment on them, which never happens with the monitors I have been using for at least 12 years."

For the entire Sear Sound BeliEVEr story please read on here.

Dirtcaps beliEVEs in SC208 and TS110

EVE Audio SC208+TS110 - Dirtcaps Dirtcaps is the most unique and energetic DJ trio that Holland has to offer. They have been rocking out clubs in Holland and the rest of Europe for many years.
Two DJ's filled with passion for their music plus an energetic MC who completes their sets with rhymes and tremendous timing.

Dirtcaps are part of a select group of artists who can proudly say that they've taken the house sound to a higher level, making them strong, independent and unique. They never stop producing fresh, new tracks and spend their time in the studio whenever possible. In 2012 their breakthrough track "Money on My Mind" came out in collaboration with The Million Plan. The video on YouTube now has 1.3 million views. After a rigorous acoustical "Studio Makeover" by Auralex USA, the DJ's took their time to evaluate new monitors. They settled on EVE as having the correct tonal balance and "speed" in delivery of the fast transients in their music. After purchasing a pair of SC208's, they later added a TS110 subwoofer, and are very happy with the result.

They especially like that the EVE's retain their sound even at low volume, and don't change – even later when they need to "Turn It Up"!

How does an Air Motion Transformer work?

EVE Audio AMT tweeter All EVE Audio studio monitors feature an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) to reproduce high frequencies. The AMT membrane consists of a pleated diaphragm in which the folds compress or expand according to the audio signal applied to them. The result is that air is drawn in and squeezed out, like the bellows of an accordion. All other loudspeaker drive units (regardless of whether they are voice coil-driven, ribbons, electrostatic, piezo or magnetostatic) act like a piston, moving air in a 1:1 ratio with regard to the motion of the driver. The AMT design achieves an improvement in air loading by a factor of 4 over conventional transducers. This superior "motor" is responsible for the clarity and transient reproduction that can be heard from AMT drive units. In addition to the improved air coupling, the AMT tweeter's pleated membrane avoids the typical break-up and subsequent dynamic limiting at higher frequencies of stiffer voice coil designs.

3D product animation @ Homepage

EVE Audio - 3D product views We have updated our homepage and pleased to inform you that we provide 3D animations for our models SC204, SC205, SC207, SC208, SC305, TS108 and TS110.
You'll find those on the corresponding product pages underneath the product image on the right hand side. Please click on the button that says "3D product view" and the animation open in a new window.

Good to know

Remote controlled EVE Audio Subwoofers EVE Audio subwoofers feature a "pure Satellite" button that allows muting the subwoofer and reproducing signal through satellites only. In such case the signal bypasses the subwoofer's electronic completely.
That feature is accessible via IR remote control that is provided with each subwoofer.

Musikmesse 2015

Eve Audio @ Musikmesse 2015 Musikmesse 2015 is approaching! The show is the world's most important meeting place for the musical sector. It takes place from April 15th to 18th in Frankfurt/Main, Germany.
Here you will find a complete range of products with everything required for making music, not to mention innumerable workshops, concerts, product demonstrations and discussion events.
We from EVE Audio are going to exhibit. You'll find us at booth 5.1 B57. Stop by, have a listen, have a chat with us and find out what our news this year is. We look forward to meeting you!

Issue #11 | 2015, March

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