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Issue #12, Product Announcement | 2015, April


EVE Audio SC203 Our SC203 becomes one of those few examples where small also means powerful. With its compact size and small footprint the SC203 is the perfect solution for professional desktops with limited space and also for discerning home and gaming users.

The simple goal of bringing the sound quality, low distortion and high resolution of our now famous A.M.T. tweeter to a much smaller format speaker required extensive R&D work to find the perfect solution for the SC203. In the end, a new tweeter was born: the new µA.M.T.. Non-detachable loudspeaker grilles protect both, woofer and µA.M.T. tweeter against damage.

Key Features

- 2-way master-slave desktop loudspeaker system
- µA.M.T. tweeter for pristine high-frequency reproduction
- 3" coated-paper woofer with 1" voice coil for powerful mids and lows
- Rear passive radiator for extended low-end reproduction
- Dedicated 30 W PWM amplifiers for each transducer
- DSP control and processing for perfect integration into every listening environment
- High-resolution 24bit/192kHz Cirrus Logic A/D converter
- Mounting adapter available


EVE Audio PMR 2.10 The Passive Monitor Router PMR 2.10 is a modern high quality 2-in - 10-out monitor-switching device. It's a very useful tool wherever there's the need to connect multiple pairs of speakers. Professional studios, pro-audio resellers, distribution showrooms or, indeed, anyone who needs to know how their mixes will translate in different kinds of speakers will certainly enjoy the PMR 2.10.

On the back of the 19" EVE Audio PMR 2.10 you will find two analogue balanced stereo inputs (indicated with a green LED) and ten stereo outputs, all using 6.3mm (1/4") TRS jack sockets of the highest grade.

Key Features

-19" Passive Monitor Router with 2 ins and 10 outs
- High-quality TRS jack sockets
- Remote control with sturdy speaker selector
- Input selection on the front panel
- Front panel with LED indicators showing the selected source and speaker
- Remote 7-segment digital display included

New SilverCone woofers with copper caps
in all EVE Audio 2-way and 3-way models

EVE Audio SilverCone with copper cap Most of our speakers' components – like the SilverCone woofers – are not off-the-shelf products but are developed according to our engineers' specifications. These woofers are driven by either a 1" or 1.5" voice coil, depending on model. The result is a very tight and dynamic bass response, along with a greater linear excursion when compared to most similar-sized speakers.

In order to minimize distortion even further, we've implemented copper caps onto the woofer's magnet system. These caps help the driver system maintain a symmetrical magnetic field in which the voice coils is positioned. This results in a very low harmonic distortion level and higher overall transparency, even at higher sound pressure levels.

To top it all off, our honeycomb-structured diaphragms are coated with glass fibre, which not only helps them achieve the right balance of rigidity and low resonances for the most concise sound reproduction, but also gives the SilverCone its distinct look.

New µA.M.T.Air Motion Transformer

EVE Audio µA.M.T. The simple goal of bringing the sound quality, low distortion and high resolution of our now famous A.M.T. tweeter to a much smaller format speaker took us on a many-month journey to find the perfect solution for our new SC203. In the end, a new tweeter was born: the new μA.M.T..

This high resolution μA.M.T. delivers an astonishing high frequency resolution combined with extraordinary precision and clarity. The folded membrane of this high resolution μA.M.T. is only 400mm² in surface area, about less than half as our RS1 tweeter (which is used, for example, in the SC204 speaker). An integrated waveguide helps create an optimal dispersion pattern over a wide frequency range. No fighting over your sweet spot with this tweeter!

To complete the system, we've used strong neodymium magnets, coupled with a magnetic holder and membrane holder optimized for very low distortion values at the specified SPL. As usual with EVE Audio, no cutbacks were made to save money at the expense of a high quality tuned system.
Non-detachable loudspeaker grilles protect both, woofer and μA.M.T. tweeter against damage.

New EVE Audio catalogue available

Just in time with these product launches we are releasing a new catalogue.
Now, 80 pages are fully packed with information about EVE Audio, product descriptions, technical specifications, frequency response, polar pattern and distortion charts.
Please download your personal copy here and happy reading!

Upcoming trade show

Next opportunity to meet our EVE Audio team and take a listen to our products is at Musikmesse in Frankfurt, Germany from April 15th to 18th.
We will be presenting the above-mentioned new products SC203 and PMR 2.10 along with our range of 2-way-, 3-way-, 4-way and main monitors and our subwoofers.
We look forward to welcoming you at booth 5.1B57.

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