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Issue #13 | 2015, June

Kingston College, London, UK beliEVEs in SC205, SC207 & SC208

EVE Audio SC205, SC207, SC208 - Kingston College Brand new £10.8m Creative Industries Campus choose EVE's within their Music Studio Complex

Supplied through Academia the North London based Education dealer, in partnership with Nova Distribution, this incredible brand new facility will offer state of the art recording equipment, including EVE Monitors throughout the studio complex.

The music technology department boasts 2 main studios with Live room and control rooms for each, equipped with Audient ASP4816 and ASP8024 mixing consoles. EVE Audio SC207's and SC208's are installed as near fields in each. In addition to this, there are 4 ancillary project studios that incorporate the EVE SC205's.

The brief was to provide a monitoring solution that could offer modern up to date technology to the studios, whilst ensuring longevity and providing some good student proofing protection.

Senior Technician and Instructor, Chris Winters comments: "Kingston College runs BTEC and HNC courses in music production and performance. Our brief was to provide a space which replicated a professional studio environment. It was a difficult decision to choose monitors for 6 studios, 2 control rooms and 4 project rooms. There was a budget to work to and the team and I had to make careful consideration to choose a quality professional product within a certain price point. We found the SC205's to have amazing clarity and detailed sound along with a great tight bottom end, for such a small unit. Perfect for the smaller project room's."

For the entire Kingston College BeliEVEr story please read on here.

High Tide Studios in Cologne, Germany beliEVE in SC207 and SC408

EVE Audio SC208+TS110 - Dirtcaps High Tide Studios were founded in 2010 by Dominik Hartmann and Lennart Damann and have been a well known and state-of-the-art facility for professional music production, recording and musical composition ever since.

By now the studio is run by four engineers who have worked with international artists like Leony Lewis, Robbie Williams, One Republic, Ryan Leslie or Akon. They also did work on projects of national artists like Die Toten Hosen, Guano Apes, Die Höhner and Scorpions.

After moving in to new facilities in 2014 High Tide Studios now offers two very accurate sounding control rooms, a large live room and a great and comfortable vocal booth. The kitchen, lobby and terrace invite to relax and exchange ideas.

"The EVE SC207 provide the perfect stereo image and enable you to get the proportions of the individual tracks just right very fast. We don't know any other speakers like the EVE SC207 and EVE SC408 that give you such precise sound without tiring out your ears."

For the entire High Tide Studios BeliEVEr story please read on here.

SC203 scope of supply

EVE Audio SC203 With delivery of every pair of SC203 the following items are included:
  ►   Master-Slave loudspeaker set
  ►   2 FlexiPad
  ►   Power Supply Unit
  ►   USB-cable
  ►   Mini jack – RCA cable
  ►   4-pole connection cable (standard 2 m; a 5 m connection cable can be ordered)

SC203 Musikmesse videos

EVE Audio - Musikmesse videos At Musikmesse 2015 our newly launched SC203 Desktop Loudspeaker gathered massive attention. A number of magazines and internet forums paid us a visit, curious to learn more. All videos shot for SC203 are available on our homepage – please click here.
Also, videos about other EVE Audio studio monitors have been uploaded in our video library.

Good to know

EVE Audio SC305-SC307 Is it possible to place the SC305 or SC307 vertically?
Yes, and in that case please put the rear Woofer Sel. Switch differently depending on the listeners position:
If the ears are below the tweeter line, the bass woofer (orange) of each monitor should be set above the tweeter.
If the listening position is higher than the tweeter line, the bass woofer (orange) of each monitor should be set below the tweeter.

EVE – EVErywhere in Europe

Eve Audio EVErywhere in Europe Thanks to our distribution partners' hard work and commitment, EVE Audio studio monitors and subwoofers are now available in total of 36 countries in Europe!
See if your country is covered: You are just one click away from our European distributor map to find your nearest EVE dealer. Thank you, Europe!

Next trade fairs

Trade show Date Town/Country Location
Taipei Music Fair July 3rd to 6th Taipei, Taiwan Hall D, stand 514-520
Mediatech Africa July 15th to 17th Johannesburg, South Africa Booth no. J17

Issue #13 | 2015, June

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