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Issue #15 | 2015, December

Wireworld Studio in Nashville, TN, US BeliEVEs in SC407

EVE Audio SC407 - WireWorld Studio From the time he bought his first guitar in 1962, Michael Wagener had begun a musical journey that has propelled him to the top of the hard rock and heavy metal scene with more than 94 million album sales worldwide as a producer/engineer.

Michael was first introduced to the music business in 1972, working for a company designing and manufacturing studio and stage equipment. He parlayed this experience into building a 16-track studio and began honing his recording and mixing skills.

Major label success came in the 1980's, when Michael had the opportunity to work on Dokken's "Under Lock And Key", which sold over two million units. In short order, calls came in to mix records for a slew of industry stars, including Poison ("Look What The Cat Dragged In"), Metallica ("Master Of Puppets") and Megadeth ("So Far, So Good... So What"). The parade continued throughout the 90's, during which time he worked with Janet Jackson, Alice Cooper, Queen, Ozzy Osbourne and a host of top tier artists.

While working on the Accept album "Predator" in 1995, Michael fell in love with Nashville, where the album was being recorded, and shortly thereafter built WireWorld Studio, a fully digital facility where he has been based ever since. WireWorld Studio continues to be a bustling hub of work for Michael, who works with many of the latest bands and artists, as well as those we all know and love.

Please read on here to find out why Michael Wagener chose EVE Audio SC407 monitors for his studio.

Onkio Haus in Toyko, Japan BeliEVEs in 7.1 SC408 and SC207

EVE Audio SC207 & SC408 - Onkio Haus Onkio Haus MA1 Studio, located in Ginza, Tokyo, Japan, has over 40 years of tradition in covering recording, mixing, mastering as well as post-production duties. The studio is largely renovated now and EVE Audio SC408 and SC207 models were installed as part of their 7.1-Ch surround system. The EVE monitors have been in full operation for TV commercial production or contents creation for various websites and sales promotion since. Onkio Haus recording engineer Mr. Hamakazu Goto told us the reasons of the first ever installation of EVE Audio monitor speakers in a studio with a 7.1-Ch surround system and the subsequent impression.

Please read the entire interview with Onkio Haus' recording engineer Mr. Hamakazu Goto.

In the spotlight: SC203 – The little devil!

EVE Audio SC203 Our desktop loudspeaker SC203 is with its compact size and small footprint the perfect solution for professional desktops with limited space and also for discerning home and gaming users. That loudspeaker becomes one of those few examples where small also means powerful.

Key Features
- 2-way master-slave desktop loudspeaker system
- ľA.M.T. tweeter for pristine high-frequency reproduction
- 3" coated-paper woofer with 1" voice coil for powerful mids and lows
- Rear passive radiator for extended low-end reproduction
- Dedicated 30 W PWM amplifiers for each transducer
- DSP control and processing for perfect integration into every listening environment
- High-resolution 24bit/192kHz Cirrus Logic A/D converter
- Mounting adapter available
- non-detachable grilles to protect ľA.M.T. and woofer

SC203 in Sound On Sound

EVE Audio SC203 in Sound On Sound Sound On Sound found out how our smallest desktop loudspeaker SC203 performs and reviewed our latest product thoroughly. The review appeared in Sound On Sound's December 2015 issue. Please try to get your hands on the magazine to read the review in full length and read some passages below:

"... despite its small size – just 116 x 190 x 134 mm (WHD) – it still packs quite a punch, with a maximum SPL capability of 94dB, which is louder than comfortable when they are on a desk right in front of you!"

"... the lower frequency response limit is 62Hz (-3dB) – an impressively low figure for such a tiny speaker given that the energy peak in most kick drums is in the 70 to 90 Hz range."

"Starting with an analogue input fed via the RCA input, I was genuinely surprised at how mature these little speakers sound. High are crisp and open-sounding, [...] the mids are clean and lively [...] and the lows are rather better than I expected!"

If a small footprint is essential, the SC203s have much to recommend them, and the choice of inputs allows easy integration with just about any desktop audio system."

The review in full length is available in Sound On Sound's December 2015 issue.

Good to know

EVE Audio - Speaker position in a stereo setup Can I use/place a vertical speaker horizontally?

Yes, that's possible. If you choose to use your speakers horizontally, please make sure your set up is symmetrically mirrored, i.e. both tweeters should either face outside or inside. This is essential to provide a precise stereo image.

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Issue #15 | 2015, December

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