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Issue #16 | 2016, March

Sepura installs EVE Audio SC208 and TS112

EVE Audio SC208 + TS112 - Sepora Cambridge, UK based company Sepura installs EVE Audio in brand new test facility

Sepura is a global leader in the design, manufacture and supply of digital radio products, systems and applications developed specifically for business and mission critical communications. The company's communication solutions enable public safety organisations and users in commercial sectors - including transport, utilities, oil and gas, manufacturing, mining, hospitality and construction - to address the communications challenges they face on a daily basis.

At a brand new location at the Cambridge Research Park, a dedicated, state-of-the-art anechoic test chamber has been purpose-built to offer precise calibration and testing of these communication systems with an EVE Audio monitor solution at the heart of the facility.

For the entire BeliEVEr story please read on here.

SC203 wins Rock oN 2016 Innovator Award

Rock oN Innovator Award - EVE Audio SC203 Every year, the editors of Japanese Rock oN magazine nominate some of the most noteworthy new products that caught their eyes and ears. Rock oN readers are asked to vote to elect winners in different categories.

This year, amongst a number of others Rock oN magazine selected our SC203 as the most innovative product brought to Japanese market in 2015 and calling them to be "exactly that kind of product you've ever wished to have. Big sounding for its small size. Useful USB-DAC and passive radiator are a great feature. This is a portable speaker you want to have at home. With this quality SC203 delivers you want to listen to music every day!"

User and voters commented:
- Finally! I think it's a product that makes the best (most) out of class D amplifier for sound quality and details.
- Never expected to see a speaker featuring a specially designed µA.M.T tweeter and a passive radiator. It's a pioneer of the new monitor speaker generation to come. It has a great design from EVE Audio, too. I just cannot find any disadvantages!
- You get surprisingly big low sound for its size!

"We are very proud of the Rock oN 2016 Innovator Award and very pleased that the editors and readers of Rock oN magazine appreciate and recognize the technology and innovation behind the SC203" says Roland Stenz, CEO and speaker designer at EVE Audio.

In the spotlight: EVE Audio Turns Five!

Five Years EVE Audio Veteran music industry R&D engineer Roland Stenz founded EVE Audio in 2011, relying on more than 25 years of experience in pro audio and loudspeaker design to create EVE's critically-acclaimed and award-winning line of professional studio monitors.

"When we opened the doors of EVE Audio in 2011, my goal was to re-think and re-engineer each audio component of the professional loudspeaker. We are very proud to say that the result is the most efficient and accurate monitor used by many audio professionals around the world." says Roland Stenz, R&D engineer and EVE Audio founder.

Over the past five years, EVE Audio has built an ever-growing worldwide customer base thanks to a strong distribution network with business partners in more then 60 countries. Users from many different audio markets, ranging from home audio enthusiasts to professional recording and post-production studios as well as broadcast stations rely on EVE Audio products.

We at EVE Audio would like to take this opportunity and thank all our worldwide distributors, business partners and BeliEVErs for ongoing interest, continues support and warm friendship.

Big monitors on trial

SC407 in MusicTech - SC3010 in Audio Media International UK based magazines Audio Media International and MusicTech put larger EVE Audio monitors on trial.

Audio Media International has tested our main monitor SC3010 and comments the findings as follows:
"I could hear deeply into anything I played, and discovered noises and musical parts in recordings I know well that I hadn't noticed before..."
"[...] stereo imaging was among the best I've heard..."
"[...] the EVE could probably go head-to-head with monitors of double the cost and more."
"I suggest an early audition whenever the goal is resolution, accurate low frequency extension and listenability, and would find it hard to overstate the serious bang-per-buck this new monitor presents. Highly recommended."
Read the full review

Musictech has reviewed our 4-way system SC407 and found out:
"The beauty of EVE's system is that you can make any adjustments necessary using a single control and, more importantly, you can do so while you're siting in front of the speakers."
"Best of all, there's no port chuffing."
"ART tweeters are known for their open airiness, and the EVEs don't disappoint."
"[...] if there is harshness or honkiness, these speakers will bring it out."
Read the full review

Good to know - Subwoofer recommendations

EVE Audio - Subwoofer recommendations To choose the right subwoofer depends on several factors such as room size, satellites, acoustical room treatment and personal preferences. The following overview is a guidance to find the right subwoofer for different room sizes and should be understood as recommendation only:

Room area
in m² (sq ft)
Room volume
in m³ (cu ft)
Recommended subwoofer Recommended satellites for a
2.1 setup
Recommended satellites for a
5.1 setup
up to 15
up to 40
TS107 SC203, SC204,
15 to 20
(162 to 215)
40 to 50
(1412 to 1766)
TS108 SC205, SC207,
SC204, SC205
20 to 25
(215 to 269)
50 to 70
(1766 to 2472)
TS110 SC207, SC208, SC307, SC407, SC408 SC204, SC207, SC208, SC305
23 to 30
(269 to 323)
70 to 90
(2472 to 3178)
TS112 SC208, SC307, SC407, SC408 SC205, SC207, SC208, SC305, SC307, SC407, SC408

For more information, please refer to our FAQ page.

Next trade fairs

Trade show Date Town/Country Location
Superbooth March 21st - April 2nd Berlin, Germany Booth BL440
Daily product demo
at 3 & 5 pm by Roland Stenz
Prolight+Sound April 5th to 8th Frankfurt, Germany Booth 4.1C21
Afial April 26th to 28th Madrid, Spain -
Koba May 24th to 27th Seoul, Korea -
Palm India May 26th to 28th Mumbai, India Hall #1, booth I 47

Issue #16 | 2016, March

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