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Issue #17 | 2016, June

LoudBell Studio believes in SC307 + TS108 (2.2 system) and SC203

EVE Audio - LoudBell Studio Moon-soo Park is a Korean recording, mixing and mastering engineer. Also known as "Easternsound," he is pretty well-respected among members of many online music communities in Korea.

Park started his career as a songwriter and used to outsource all the mixing and mastering of his productions. But one day, while passionately writing pop songs and music for video games, he started to grow an interest in the technical aspects – the decision to learn how to mix and master himself was a turning point in his career.

When asked about EVE Audio speakers, Moon-soo Park spares no praise: "They always deliver a remarkable high resolution that never fatigues my ears. I also love the very transparent high frequencies and tight low end, which is quite unique to EVE."

LoudBell Studio relies on a 2.2 setup with a pair of SC307 and two TS108s as main monitoring system, plus a pair of recently acquired SC203s for desktop monitoring.

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5 years – 5 DJs – one BeliEVE

EVE Audio - 5 Years - 5 DJ's Five DJs, all well-known and each of which is a trendsetter itself, believes strongly in the EVEs they use in their studios.

Please check out the videos and find out what they have to say about their EVEs:

Raoul Russu
Victor Stancov
Manuel Riva

Italian DJs believe in SC407

Italian DJ's believe in SC407 DJ Fopp, aka FunkTrain, is an Italian DJ and Producer. In his studio near Venice, Italy, he relies on a pair of SC407 monitors.
"For me, EVE Audio's SC407s are my favorite studio monitors I have ever used and I can definitely recommend them" says DJ Fopp enthusiastically. "The sound is so open and wide, and the four ways cover the entire frequency spectrum I need in the studio."
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DJ Daniele Danieli from The Chungastudio is very much addicted to every kind of music: he does not only make house music and commercial music, but is also a very successful producer of dance music. He has worked all over Italy, but it is in Chungastudio in Venice where he has laid down a number of important productions. DJ Daniele Danieli swears by the pair of SC407s he has in his Chungastudio.
"I chose the EVE Audio SC407s due to their incredibly precise and clear sound reproduction, accurate separation of the different frequency ranges and perfect stereo imaging. The speakers' four ways allow me hear every single detail and it's a real treat to use them everyday."
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In the spotlight: TS107 and TS108

EVE Audio TS107 & TS108 Subwoofers To extend low end of smaller satellite speakers our subwoofers TS107 and TS108 are the perfect choice. With TS107 and TS108 you get balanced XLR Inputs and Outputs (Stereo In and Out, LFE In, LFE/Sub Out) and an unbalanced input to connect those easily with our desktop loudspeaker system SC203. For greater convenience all our subwoofers are IR remote controlled!

SC203 - international press testimonials


Sound On Sound
"[...] Despite its small size - just 116 x 190 x 134 mm (WHD) - it still packs quite a punch, with a maximum SPL capability of 94dB, which is louder than comfortable when they are on a desk right in front of you!"
"Starting with an analogue input fed via the RCA input, I was genuinely surprised at how mature these little speakers sound. High are crisp and open-sounding, [...] the mids are clean and lively [...] and the lows are rather better than I expected!"
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"It might sound all very high-tech, and that is because it is. But the results speak for themselves and need to be heard to truly understand. Put simply, these speakers sound amazing!
Hits: Huge sound from very compact speakers • Included isolation pads • Easy control from master speaker
Misses: None. They sound amazing."
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SC203 wins Rock oN Innovator Award 2016
Japanese Rock oN magazine selected our SC203 as the most innovative product brought to Japanese market in 2015 and calls SC203 to be "exactly that kind of product you've ever wished to have. Big sound for a small size. With the quality SC203 delivers you want to listen to music every day!"

"You get a very compact speaker system that is far superior than PC speakers. It is very suitable for professional sound and multimedia productions as well as video editing or post-production."
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"The first pleasant surprise: what appears on YouTube to be of dubious quality, sounds on the SC203 equally dubious. And the better the production [...], the better it is reflected by this set. That seems logical, but many monitors in this segment colour so strongly that all music is reproduced as squashed sausage - in stereo."
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"With a 3" woofer SC203 is rather small, but reproduces music in great detail, with great balance and in the very right position. SC203 is the perfect addition to a main monitoring system, easy to use with a laptop on the road without extra audio interface, and to get superior audio quality at home audio systems."
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Pro Sound
"An adequate audio reproduction from such a little speaker seems to be impossible. But EVE Audio managed exactly this to happen.
Pros: Compact size • Great sound • Analogue and digital inputs
Cons: none
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Les Numériques
"With the original and well made concept has EVE Audio a real trump card with SC203. [SC203] is a loudspeaker that offers one of the best ratio of compactness and sound quality, if not the best currently available on the market."
Pros: Well-balanced, precise sound • Good reproduction of dynamics and stereo image • Excellent dimensions/output ratio • Low distortion • Highly versatile due to the compact size • Robust construction Cons: Limited low end • Not really for multimedia use because of no bluetooth and no remote control
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"EVE Audio SC203 is an impressive little speaker. It almost shouldn't sound as good as it actually does or be able to generate such low ends. The entire innovative tech inside helps it reproduce a pretty accurate sound. The middle focus is very impressive and the speakers portrait songs nicely. The sound is so good that you actually forget the speakers after a while; it's only at high volume that the dynamic limitations are audible. If you're visiting your local music shop, make sure to give them a listen. You'll be surprised!"

"Of most surprise was the tight and defined low end. Whatever technical genius EVE Audio has implemented with the coated paper woofer membrane and rear passive bass radiator, it works admirably for the size.
[...] I see (and hear) the SC203s as impressive-sounding mini speakers, with a truckload of DSP and flexible input options."

Portal Studyjny
"So small monitors or speakers are usually associated with computer speakers, which, when played loud, start splutter, became inaccurate, imprecise, distorted, or they begin to sound strange, and here - just nothing. Bloody small, bloody loud and bloody clear. [...] These are really professional monitor speakers, just in miniature."
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Czech Republic
"EVE Audio's SC203 are fully equipped reference studio monitors for smaller studios, to use on travels and easy to use wherever a need for full quality sound reproduction occurs."
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Good to know

EVE Audio - Mid-high section How to turn the center plate in 4-Ways and Mains

The stylish silver plate in the middle of the models of our 4-way systems and main monitors not only houses the midrange woofer and AMT tweeter, but can also be rotated so that you can place your speakers vertically or horizontally.
In order to rotate the center plate please turn the four outer screws as if you'd unscrew until they are loose. Now you can use the screws as handheld to turn the center plate with ease and comfort. Turn the center module and screw tight.

EVE Audio - now on Snapchat!

EVE Audio on Snapchat We have opened another channel and are now on Snapchat!
Please follow us on Snapchat, our user name is eveaudio.

Issue #17 | 2016, June

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