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Issue #18 | 2016, September

La Distilleria beliEVEs in SC208

EVE Audio - La Distilleria La Distilleria Music Production is an Italian-based recording studio, formerly known as Hatestudio.

Luca Spigato and Maurizio Baggio started with a home studio back in 2002 but only two years later their place was already known as the new Italian "Mecca" for all sorts of indie rock, punk and metal music.

Maurizio Baggio and Luca Spigato remember how they got to know EVE: "In 2012 someone suggested us to try out the new EVE SC208ss and compare them to the studio monitors we had back then. Our first impression was great! Thanks to the Air Motion Transformers the high frequencies were very fast and precise, while the low end sounded astonishingly deep and powerful due to the newly designed bass reflex ports. WOW! The SC208s have never left our control room ever since!"

For the entire BeliEVEr story please read on here.

Musictech reviews EVE Audio SC3010

EVE Audio SC3010 - MusicTech Fresh bite from international press: A glowing SC3010 review appeared in MusicTech's September 2016 issue. We have some excerpts for you:

"Most impressive, though, is the performance of the broad midrange, the area that lets down many inferior designs."

"Showing no favour to any part of the audio spectrum, all the subtle elements of the Bowie track were presented clearly, enabling us to hear the precise timbre of the various instruments and multitracked vocals."

"Imaging is another of the SC3010's strong points, with instruments located precisely within the stereo picture."

"At just shy of five grand the EVE SC3010 offer outstanding value for money, giving you so much in terms of advanced technology, thoughtful design and, above all else, superb sound reproduction."

5 years EVE Audio

EVE Audio - Five Years In 2016, we at EVE Audio celebrated our 5th anniversary. Some international magazines took a look behind the scenes to find out what progress EVE Audio made between its formation in 2011 and now.

Please read our company portraits and find out what Pro Audio Asia / Pro Audio Middle East (English), Pro Sound News Europe (English) and Les Numériques (French) discovered.

In the spotlight: What is the PMR 2.10 for?

EVE Audio PMR2.10 The Passive Monitor Router PMR 2.10 is a modern high quality 2-in / 10-out monitor-switching device and a very useful tool wherever there's the need to connect multiple pairs of speakers.

Key Features

- 19" Passive Monitor Router with 2 ins and 10 outs
- High-quality TRS jack sockets
- Remote control with sturdy speaker selector
- Input selection on the front panel
- Front panel with LED indicators showing the selected source and speaker
- Remote 7-segment digital display included

Good to know

EVE Audio Subwoofer All EVE Audio subwoofers feature a "pure satellite" button to mute the subwoofer. In that case the audio signal is transmitted without any filtering to the satellites speakers. This allows you to switch easily between satellites + subwoofer mode and pure satellites mode.

This function is also accessible with the included remote control.

Next trade fairs

Trade show Date Town/Country Location
ExpoMusic Sept. 21st to 25th São Paulo, Brazil 1 G/H
Muzik Yarmarok Oct. 13th to 15th Kiev, Ukraine -
Amsterdam Dance Event Oct. 19th to 23rd Amsterdam, Netherlands -
Music China Oct. 26th to 29th Shangai, China W4E52
Monitor Expo Nov. 2nd and 3rd Copenhangen, Denmark -
Inter BEE Nov. 16th to 18th Tokyo, Japan 3218

Issue #18 | 2016, September

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