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Issue #21 | 2017, June

Top production trio from Berlin beliEVEs in EVE Audio

EVE Audio - SC407 for the Neumann-Pompetzki-Remmler Producer Team The Berlin-based production team formed by Paul Neumann, Marek Pompetzki and Cecil Remmler is currently building a state-of-the-art studio in Berlin Kreuzberg. EVE Audio was invited to visit these well-known customers in their new recording studio.
After friendly negotiations with a neighbouring carpet market the parking problem was solved, while the anticipation for the meeting just kept on building.

Paul Neumann, Marek Pompetzki and Cecil Remmler are famous songwriters, producers, mixers, remixers, and vocal recorders behind notable artists such as Sido, Miley Cyrus, Deichkind, Helen Fischer, Sarah Connor, Stefanie Heinzmann, Shaggy, Cassandra, and many more.
The golden and platinum awards on the hallway - which isn't long enough to hang them all - speak for themselves.

For the entire BeliEVEr story please read on here.

Dirtcaps beliEVEs in SC307

EVE Audio - Dirtcaps Cutting-edge productions, booming live sets, and boundary-pushing attitudes. Dirtcaps are without doubt House music's cream of the crop. Since starting their quest for global domination in 2008, these guys have overloaded the scene with a signature sound to die for and conquered some of the biggest club brands in the game with their dashing live shows.

For the entire BeliEVEr story please read on here.

LowBeats and audisseus review EVE Audio SC203

SC203 reviewed in LowBeats and audisseus The smallest speaker in our range, the desktop loudspeaker system SC203 caught attention of two German magazines: LowBeats and audisseus reviewed that model and we are pleased to share some findings with you:


A special praise goes to the bass reproduction: as expected it did not reach to the deepest octave, but for a speaker of this size was the bass exceptionally tight and clean. The advantage is that low-frequency room resonances are less stimulated, which makes the sound impression pleasant to listeners even in rooms with non-optimal acoustics.
The fact that the Eve Audio also has the necessary dynamic temperament was demonstrated with extremely critical Psytrance tracks such as the "We Have To Go Even Deeper" from Crystal Vibe - even with powerful volume, the sensitive "click" in the attack phase remained punchy.
The overall high quality goes hand in hand with first-class engineering and workmanship, so that the purchase price of €499 absolutely justifies.
If space requirements and mobility are an issue, the Eve Audio SC203 is with regard to sound and functionality with no competition.


Thanks to the passive radiator is the reproduction of the low end really satisfying; the reproduction of high frequencies succeed thanks to AMT anyway.
With SC203 EVE audio has a few great small monitors to offer. They are not cheap, but every euro worth. Top equipped, very well processed, offer well thought-out accessories (pocket, subwoofer) and can be connected with analog and digital sources.
Definitely a recommendation!

Both reviews in full length and German language are available on SC203's product page or here.

In the spotlight

MusoTalk visits EVE Audio in Berlin Meet EVE Audio and check out our company's video the nice folks from MusoTalk made during their visit at EVE Audio's Berlin HQ last week: Watch the video (please enable subtitles).

To learn more about our company and our history please click here. Part of our company's facility is a reverberation room and our own anechoic chamber. What that anechoic chamber is for you can learn here.

For more videos check out our YouTube channel. Videos from recent Superbooth and AES show have been uploaded such as videos our Korean distributor Sound n Music has made during a company visit.
Thanks for watching!

Good to know

EVE Audio - Spec Sheets We provide a complete overview of all specifications for each of our products to download. Please choose a product and go to the corresponding product page, scroll down to "More Product info" you find underneath the product picture on the right hand side and clock on the "Spec sheet" entry under "Documentation".

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Issue #21 | 2017, June

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