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Issue #22 | 2017, September

Randy Copus from Galactic Playground Music beliEVEs in SC407

Randy Copus from Galactic Playground Music beliEVEs in SC407 Randy Copus has composed, performed, produced and engineered in nearly all genres of popular music over the past few decades. Best known for his work in progressive new age group 2002, which is currently producing their 20th album, he has also worked in rock and pop music since as a singer, producer and engineer. Copus now runs Galactic Playground Music, an award-winning recording studio located just north of Dallas, Texas, USA that records and mixes everything from Billboard-charting albums and soundtracks to voiceovers for e-learning, interactive training and multimedia.

A wide variety of work keeps Copus on his toes when it comes to gear. "We always strive to make the studio better," he says. This means continually searching for gear that not only sounds great, but also sounds great across a wide range of sound sources and genres. His most recent quest for the ultimate in gear prompted him to make the switch to EVE Audio from another Air Motion Transformer monitor maker.

For the entire BeliEVEr story please read on here.

International DJ duo W & W beliEVEs in SC3010 and TS110

International DJ duo W&W beliEVEs in SC407 and TS110 After completing successful projects for well-known artists such as LNY TNZ, Deetox and Bass Modulators, Q82 Acoustics have completed a sleek design studio for international DJ duo W & W.

Q82 Acoustics used the available space to fit custom furniture, ergonomic chairs, high-gloss white laminate floor and a DJ desk - all of which utilizes LED lighting to great effect. The main monitoring is provided by EVE SC3010 monitor speakers together with a TS110 subwoofer - all custom wrapped in white to match the surroundings, thus ensuring that the studio is one of a kind!

W & W: "We've known Quintin Beekman from Q82 Acoustics for quite a while already and we were impressed by the studios he had already done. We gave him all the freedom to create a studio that would look sick and sound great, and we're super happy with the result!"

SC205 and TS108 are nominated for DJ Mag Tech Awards 2017

SC205 + TS108 in DJ mag We are pleased to announce that our SC205 / TS108 bundle have been shortlisted for the DJ mag Tech Awards 2017 public vote, which is live now.
Voting will close 30th September and we appreciate your support and vote!

Prior to this UK based DJ mag reviewed the SC205/TS108 bundle in its August 2017 issue. Please read some passages of that review below:
"EVE Audio delivers a monitoring system that is bigger than the sum of its parts."
"We started our test phase with just the 205s and were impressed at the sound they delivered despite their size."
"It is all about the detail, and that is what stood out about this system; another good thing is that listening and producing through the SC205 and TS108 wasn't fatiguing, and we were happy to extend sessions without losing sonic clarity."
"Loud is fun and yes, the SC205 and TS108 combination can kick out with the best of them, but accuracy and detail is better, of which we can happily say the EVE monitors deliver."

The review in full length is available in DJ mag's August 2017 issue or here.

In the spotlight

EVE Audio's Air Motion Transformer How does an Air Motion Transformer work?

At EVE Audio we use exclusively Air Motion Transformers (AMT) for the reproduction of high frequencies. At the core of the Air Motion Transformers is a very lightweight, folded high frequency membrane. These membranes are printed with aluminum conductors, which together with some very powerful magnets make up the diaphragm driver.

With traditional dome tweeter designs only the coil is driven and the membrane has to more or less follow the movements of the coil, whereas with Air Motion Transformers, the conductors, and hence the driver, are spread evenly across the diaphragm itself. Magnets are spread on the diaphragm similarly to the conductors, however, the acoustically effective surface is significantly larger, which leads to more directivity issues.

With an Air Motion Transformer the membrane is folded, which allows the tweeter to be much more smaller. The acoustic directivity is similar to that of a normal dome tweeter, coupled with the advantages of an Air Motion Transformer.

The sidewalls of the membrane move towards each other and a speed transformation ratio of up to 4:1 is achieved between the membrane's speed and that of the air between the folds. Due to the drive being distributed across the entire diaphragm, Air Motion Transformers are much more stable over a wider frequency range, generate less total harmonic distortion and have an almost linear impedance curve, since there is no coil inductance.

Yet another advantage is the material used for the diaphragm. This explains why Air Motion Transformers exhibit none of the typical sound coloration produced by membrane resonance of dome tweeters.

Good to know

EVE Audio Subwoofers are IR remote controlled EVE Audio Subwoofers are IR remote controlled.

All EVE Audio subwoofers feature an IR remote control that allows to control the following functions comfortably from the listener's position or sweet spot:

On button: Use On button to put the subwoofer in standby mode.
LED button: Use LED button to select the sub's LED mode (bright ring, bright point, dimly lit ring, dimly lit point).
Phase button: Press phase button to shift phase of subwoofer's signal by 180°.
Pure Satellite button: Use Pure Satellite button to mute the subwoofer and reproduce signal only through satellites.
System Volume (+)/(-) button: Use System Volume (+)/(-) button to increase or decrease the volume of the entire system.
Sub Volume (+)/(-) button: Use Sub Volume (+)/(-) button to increase or decrease only subwoofer's SPL.
Sub Filter (+)/(-) button: Use Sub Filter (+)/(-) button to set cut off frequency of subwoofer's low pass filter and to select LFE mode.
Mute button: Press Mute button to mute the entire 2.1 system, press again to exit mute mode.

100,000 Followers on Facebook

EVE Audio Subwoofers are IR remote controlled We just reached 100,000 Followers on Facebook and would like to take this opportunity to thank all our BeliEVErs and EVE-fans for their strong support and ongoing interest. We would not have made it without you! Thank you!

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Issue #22 | 2017, September

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