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Issue #24 | 2018, March

DJ eM beliEVEs in SC307, SC207 and TS110

DJ eM beliEVEs in EVE Audio SC207, SC307 and TS110 With 20-years of professional experience in music production, mastering, engineering and DJ'ing, and as Assistant Manager at one of Australia's premier Pro Audio retailers, DJ eM has certainly had his fair share of exposure and access to the finest monitors available. eM, or Mike Mammone as he is also known, is such an ardent fan of EVE Audio that he owns one pair SC307, two pairs of SC207 plus a TS110 sub. As Mike says, "when I really believe in something, it's easy to recommend."

For the entire BeliEVEr story please read on here.

EVE on air

Mischke Music beliEVEs in EVE Audio SC408 and TS112 Vocal producer, songwriter and producer Mischke from Mischke Music in Los Angeles, USA, beliEVEs in EVE Audio SC408 and TS112.
Please check out our video interview to find out why Mischke trusts his EVE's and what benefits he gets from those monitors.
EVE Audio on air – here you go! Thanks for watching.

In the spotlight
Musictech reviews EVE Audio SC203

MusicTech Choice Award for EVE Audio SC203 MusicTech reviewed our desktop loudspeaker SC203 and awarded "Musictech Choice Award". Here are some findings:

"On first listen, it was immediately obvious these monitors have a seriously pro sound. No one would describe them as sounding small or tinny, as their size might suggest. Rather, they exhibit a full-bodied sound with a surprisingly revealing and detailed presentation."

"It's clear these compact monitors have benefitted from trickle-down technology developed for Eve's larger monitoring systems. Used as a writing tool or on the move, the SC203s offer pro-quality sound in a compact, portable package. Perfect for tweaking mixes outside of the studio, these deliver high-quality sound far bigger - and louder - than their size suggests."

"With a well-ordered, accurate sound that belies their diminutive dimensions, the SC203s offer studio-quality sound in all manner of environments. Ideal for touring musicians/composers who wish to use time spent in hotel rooms more productively, the little Eves are excellent desktop monitors for those who need to work in confined spaces."

Read the full review here.

Good to know

Dual subwoofer system Two options to use two subwoofers in one set up:

First option: connect both subwoofers individually to the source (L in, R in) and one satellite to each sub (L out, R out). In that case, the volume of each subwoofer and each satellite must be adjusted individually.

Second option: connect one subwoofer to the source (L in, R in), daisy chain the second subwoofer (L out, R out, L in, R in) and both satellites to the second sub (L out, R out). In that case, the System Volume on subwoofer 2 (slave) should be set at 0dB. The master subwoofer allows you to adjust the overall system volume. The volume of each subwoofer must be adjusted individually.

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Issue #24 | 2018, March

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