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Issue #25 | 2018, June

EVE on air

EVE Audio and Robby De Sa Sydney based songwriter, producer and guitar player Robby De Sa beliEVEs in EVE Audio SC307.
Please check out our video interview. to find out why Robby De Sa trusts his EVE's and what benefits he gets from those monitors.
EVE Audio on air – here you go! Thanks for watching.

Jewel in the crown – Knack Studios in Chennai, India beliEVE in EVE

EVE Audio and Knack Studios Envisioned as a major resource for India's thriving Bollywood Film Industry, Knack Studios is Eastern India's first world-class Walters-Storyk Design Group post-production studio. To provide clients with the ultimate audio/film/video post facility, the Knack management team retained WSDG's global architectural/acoustic design expertise in 2016. Completed in late 2017, the 4600m² state-of-the-art complex is ensconced within a totally renovated 3-story building.

The studio features SC307, SC407 and TS112Pro AVL Asia has dedicated an entire article to the studio complex, which you can read here.

Pro Sound News reviews EVE Audio SC207

EVE Audio SC207 in Pro Sound News Pro Sound News reviewed our 2-way monitor SC207 and the outcome is a glowing review. The writer absolutely adored them:

"That characteristic "extremely detailed, yet extremely smooth" ribbon tweet response massaged my ears with nicely balanced and imaged vocals, snare drums and midrange instruments — all strength areas for folded-ribbon designs."

"[...] I will still name these Eve 207s as the best ribbon-tweeted nearfields I've heard."

"They have excellent dynamics, flat response, great imaging, powerful bass reproduction, more even vertical and horizontal dispersion than typical for a folded-ribbon tweeter and, most of all, a relaxed, natural and trustworthy midrange reproduction that requires no decoding, learning or translating."

Read the full review here.

In the spotlight
Spain pays attention on EVE

EVE Audio and PKO Studios In the last month our Spanish distributor Zentralmedia could release two videos: in the first one is a visit paid to PKO Studios in Madrid, Spain where Producer Emilio Esteban and sound engineer Caco Refojo fairly believe in EVE.
Please check out what they like in particular about the EVE SC3010 and SC208.
You'll find the video here.

EVE Audio product review by Adrian Tucker And, vlogger Adrian Tucker checked out our SC205 and SC207 in his studio. Find out here what he says about the EVE's.

Both videos are in Spanish with English subtitles.
Happy watching – thank you.

Good to know
EVE Audio SC208 – most versatile studio monitors

EVE Audio and Jon Sine Jon Sine, House DJ and music producer based in Düsseldorf, reviewed the EVE SC208s. He pays great attention to every detail and explains nicely the functionality and features the knob provides.
In spite of all the good things about the speaker, he says he won't keep it...
Watch the video find out why.

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Issue #25 | 2018, June

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