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Issue #27 | 2018, December

EVE on air
Shadab Rayeen, India's first Eve Audio user, Sound-engineer extraordinaire, beliEVEs in his SC305

EVE Audio and Shadab Rayeen Shadab Rayeen, a sound engineer extraordinaire from India, and India's first EVE Audio user, with credits on the biggest albums, speaks about his love for EVE Audio SC305 for his Bollywood film Mixes.

EVE is very transparent and you don't get fatigued
by listening to it for long hours.

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EVE on air
Chris Allen, Sear Sound Studio, NYC, US

EVE Audio and Chris Allen Chris Allen is sound engineer in Sear Sound Studio that is one of the oldest and most respected recording studios in New York City. Founded by Walter Sear in 1963 Sear Sound Studio continues to be a place where musicians can feel comfortable and inspired to make music. Musicians travel from all over the globe to experience making music in one of these famous rooms that are full of history but very alive at the same time.

It is very common for me to work at a quieter level all day on a pair of speakers and then turn everything up and find out that I have way too much base in the mix, way too much low end. With the EVE's I don't have that problem.

Find out why Chris Allen trusts his EVE Audio SC307 studio monitors and what benefit he gets from those.
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Mixdown mag reviews EVE Audio SC305

EVE Audio SC305 in Mixdown Australian Mixdown mag reviewed our 3-way monitor SC305. Here are some excerpts of another glowing EVE review:

"Eve Audio's range of professional studio monitors has set a new standard in clarity built around their ribbon tweeter design that has become a signature feature of Eve monitors."
"The SC305 studio monitors from Eve represent a new era in studio monitoring and offer a wider range and clarity in a small nearfield monitor."
"They are perfect for the home or project studio where space is an issue, but where quality is essential."

Please read the full review here.

SC408 reviewed by Amazona

EVE Audio SC408 in Amazona Size matters is the simple statement our latest SC408 review starts with that appeared on the German online platform Amazona. Further comments are:

"With the Eve Audio SC408, the Berlin-based company has launched an absolutely top-class midfield product. Basic sound, workmanship and concept leave an outstanding impression."
"A special highlight is the phenomenal mid-range reproduction, which represents a clear added value compared to the competition, especially for guitar-heavy productions."
"For every professional user the Eve Audio SC408 represents a clear enrichment in studio operation!"

For the full review (in German) please click here.

In the spotlight
The "Sound to Go"

EVE Audio - The Sound to go You look for the "sound to go"? For all who work flexibly or from multiple locations is that no problem with our SC203 and its transport soft case. The soft case is large enough to accommodate a pair of SC203 speakers including FlexiPads, power supply and connecting cables.
Also, a large extra compartment allows you to carry a 13" laptop or tablet.

You want to learn more? Please click here for our corresponding product video.

Good to know
This is EVE Audio

This is EVE Audio Students from Sonic College Aarhus, Denmark interviewed EVE Audio's CEO Roland Stenz and Sales Manager Kerstin Mischke to find out what's the driving philosophy behind the brand EVE Audio.

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Issue #27 | 2018, December

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