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Issue #29 | 2019, June

Warren Huart from Produce Like A Pro and Berlin Hansa Studio

EVE Audio and Hansa Studio Warren Huart from Produce Like A Pro takes us on a studio tour of world famous Hansa Studio in Berlin.

He relied on the EVE SC408s during the master class he did in the studio in May. At the Superbooth Warren met our CEO and speaker designer Roland Stenz to talk about the SC408 in detail.

Learn more about the Hansa Studios and their amazing Berlin history.
Or watch only the EVE related part.

EVE on air
DJ Aligator believes in SC3012

EVE Audio and DJ Aligator DJ Aligator is an Iranian-Danish producer and DJ who has upgraded the studio monitors in his studio. He now has installed a pair of EVE Audio's main monitors SC3012:

Not only they sounded good, they also sound right.

It sounds so naturel, they don't colour the sound and I know that I can count on those speakers. They are phenomenal.

Watch the video.

EVE Audio SC207 product video

EVE Audio SC207 video Our 2-way monitor SC207 is the reference solution among all professional 2-way-monitors ensuring very high resolution, perfect balance and minimum ear fatigue - the true sound you will rely on.

Check out our video.

Small speaker with big sound:SC203 review in Macwelt

EVE Audio SC203 in Macwelt The German Macwelt has reviewed our desktop loudspeaker SC203. How would you upgrade the Mac Mini to a high-performance creative workstation?

The German Macwelt answers those question here and comment the following about our SC203:
• Already when unpacking, the SC203 show high quality workmanship and the rubber feet on the sloping base plate show that the developers have thought about it.
• And indeed, you won't be disappointed by the SC203. It shines with great crystal clear highs that never become obtrusive or aggressive.

All who can understand German can read the review in full length here.
Sorry for all our English speaking readers, this review is in German this time...

Interview with Pro Tools Expert

EVE Audio AMT in Pro Tools Expert Why does an Air Motion Transformer look so different and how does it work?
Pro Tools Expert has interviewed EVE Audio's CEO and speaker designer Roland Stenz to learn more about the unique technology of an Air Motion Transformer.

EVE Audio has developed 3 different types of air motion transformers.
What's different and why we need three different types you can learn here.

In the spotlight
EVE Audio SC205 review by Pat Ryan

EVE Audio SC205 video review by Pat Ryan Music producer and You-tuber Pat Ryan got a pair of EVE Audio SC205 studio monitors and was really amazed by the sound quality those monitors provide:

The SC205's definitely opened my ears to hearing things I never noticed. It's hard to explain how accurate and precise these are if you've never listened to music on a monitor of this quality so if you get the chance, I highly recommend checking these out!

Please check out the video here.

Good to know
What are anechoic chambers for?

EVE Audio anechoic chamber On the example of EVE Audio's own anechoic chamber Pro Tools Experts explains what anechoic chambers are for and how speaker manufacturers use measurement information they take here for speaker development.

Pro Tools Expert published an article about it that you can read here.

Superbooth19 review

EVE Audio at Superbooth 19 For all who missed Superbooth19 in Berlin are here some videos from the show we can share with you:

EVE Audio video.

Warren Huart from Produce Like A Pro talks about his Superbooth visit. The video is quite long, the EVE part starts at 1.10 min but its worth and fun to watch to get the vibes of Superbooth.

And RedStone Productions from Netherlands interviewed our CEO and speaker designer Roland Stenz to learn about our range of studio monitors.

Issue #29 | 2019, June

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