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Issue #30 | 2019, September

Behind the scenes of EVE Audio

EVE Audio behind the scenes - Produce Like A Pro We opened our workplace for TEC award winning Produce Like A Pro for an in depth tour of the EVE Audio HQ in Berlin.

Our company's owner and speaker designer Roland Stenz takes you to our production hall, to our QC and most important to our laboratory. Essential tools for our R&D work are our own anechoic chamber (652.5 m³) and our own reverberation room (253 m³).
We have also given a detailed insight explanation of the construction and functionality of an Air Motion Transformer.

Please follow this link, and join the tour behind the scenes of EVE Audio.

Pro Tools Expert: SC203 review

EVE Audio SC203 - Pro Tools Expert Pro Tools Expert checks out what big sound our tiny SC203 can deliver:

"These are the first desktop speakers I've heard, of this form factor, with a broad enough frequency spectrum and high enough fidelity suitable for mixing fully on their own."

Conclusion is: "... if size is a factor, you would be hard pressed to find as friendly and easy to use a system with this degree of fidelity and connectivity."

Please read the review in full length here.

Techniques with Todd: SC203 video

EVE Audio SC203 - TechWith Todd "You cannot beat this"

Learn from Todd why he has fallen in love with EVE Audio SC203, what technical tricks and hints make those speakers sound BIG and what versatile connections SC203 houses.

The video is here for you – have fun watching it!

News from international YouTube channels

EVE Audio - YouTube videos Produce Like A Pro released another video in which our SC408 is prominently placed. Check out this video here.

The Israeli musician and producer Dr. Chan has made a SC307 video review that is our first video in Hebrew.

Next, the Italy based dealer Beat Self Strumenti Musicali has released a SC207 unboxing video. Follow the link.

The Argentinian YouTube channel Gear Heaven speaks here about studio monitors in general and with very good reviews about EVE Audio. In this video here, the function of our single push knob operation is very well explained.

And last but not least the software company Seniorlabde introduces a small but high-end system that includes our SC203 desktop monitor in this video.

EVE Audio SC207 product video now in several languages available

EVE Audio SC207 video Our 2-way monitor SC207 is the reference solution among all professional 2-way-monitors ensuring very high resolution, perfect balance and minimum ear fatigue - the true sound you will rely on.

Our corresponding product video is now available in several languages:
Spanish (Spain)
Spanish (Argentina)

In the spotlight
SC203 product video

EVE Audio SC205 video review by Pat Ryan The SC203 is more than just a sum of its parts: it's a listening experience of incredible sound reproduction you wouldn't expect from such a small speaker and without tiring your ears.


Small speaker with big sound: SC204 review on Amazona

EVE Audio SC204 - Amazona The German Amazona has reviewed our SC204 Studio Monitor and summarizes as follows:

"With the SC204, the Berlin-based company EVE Audio has launched an outstanding product in the small monitor category. Whether for post-productions, video editing, podcasts, mobile recording, broadcast, surround satellites or also as B-surveillance in larger studios, the system generates a multiple of the volume that one would have expected from the tiny at first glance."

"Absolute purchase recommendation!"

Sorry for all our English speaking readers, this review is in German this time...

Eytsch Pi goes for EVE

EVE Audio SC205 - EytschPi The probably most famous German Youtube guitar nerd Henning Pauly, aka EytschPi is well-known for his rather long, yet entertaining and always informative gear reviews.

In August 2017 EytschPi released an SC207 unboxing video, in May 2018 followed a SC207 video review.

Now EytschPi refurbished a control room in his studio that looks much nicer and is more efficient with its mount on wall EVE Audio SC205.
Please check out his latest video and thanks for watching.

Good to know

EVE Audio DSP - Pro Tools Expert Pro Tools Expert asks the question if there is a need for DSP in studio monitors to get a great sound?

To answer that question they look at a number of brands and compare what they do.
EVE Audio is amongst these brands and you can check out what they say about our DSP technology here.
BTW, linked to this article is our SC207 product video.

Issue #30 | 2019, September

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