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Issue #32 | 2020, April

New ultra-compact near/midfield monitor SC3070

EVE Audio SC3070 We are very excited to announce the debut of our newest monitoring solution, SC3070.

Designed and assembled in Berlin, Germany, the SC3070 is a high-resolution, tri-amplified near / mid field monitor optimized for precise midrange and powerful bass response. This 3-way monitor achieves the outstanding mid-range reproduction of its larger sibling SC407's mid-high section with exceptional balance and low distortion over the entire frequency range, but in a much more compact cabinet. The SC3070 is the ideal solution for recording, mastering and home studios were the complete skill set of a fully-fledged 3-way system is required, but where space is at a premium.

Key Features

Fully-fledged 3-way near / mid field monitor
Our proprietary RS3 Air Motion Transformer for pristine high-frequency reproduction
4-inch glass-fibre honeycomb membrane woofer for clear midrange production with utmost detail
7-inch low frequency driver with glass-fibre coated honeycomb diaphragm for powerful bass response
Sophisticated cabinet that houses a bevelled ultra-stiff front plate to reduce unwanted resonances and diffraction
Dedicated 185 W Class D amplifier for low frequencies
Dedicated 100 W Class D amplifier for mid frequencies
Decicated 50 W Class D amplifier for AMT
On the front volume and room eq control with rotary knob for perfect integration into every listening environment
Dimmable LED ring
High-resolution 24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown A/D converter
Detachable grilles to protect A.M.T.

EVE on air

EVE Audio SC3070 At NAMM 2020 we launched our new studio monitor SC3070 and had the pleasure to give a number of interviews to introduce its features. Here is a selection of videos we could do with Gearslutz (English), InfoMusic (Polish/English), Inside Audio (English), Music Store (German), MixBus TV (English), Produce Like A Pro (English), Sound On Sound (English), were interviewed for FAQ Friday with PLAP (English) and had a video from Gear Heavens (Spanish).

Articles or press releases about SC3070 appeared in Amazona (German), Audiofanzine (French), Audiosteps (German), Bonedo (German), Gearslutz (English), InfoMusic (Polish), MusicTech (English), Muzyk (Polish), Noise Gate (English), Production Expert (English), Sound & Recording (German), Uptone (Polish).

Check them out, learn more about SC3070 and have fun watching the videos!

Inside Audio: SC305 Review

EVE Audio SC305 The Dutch Audio platform Inside Audio reviewed our SC305 studio monitor. They "have used the monitors in different recording sessions and the translation, power and clarity in the mid-low but also in the high frequencies is impressive. The Air Motion Transformer technology ensures that we observe things in the high frequencies that you do not hear on other monitors."

Inside Audio describes the SC305 as "a perfect translation and crystal clear sound image with a layer, for which a subwoofer is unnecessary in a small space".

You can find the entire review here in English or in Dutch.

EVE Audio – new website

EVE Audio - New website We are very pleased to introduce our new homepage to you which is up and running since a couple of days now!

Our new website is 
• more modern
• more user friendly
• more intuitive
• and suitable for mobile devices.

We invite you to check it out and hope you like it – it's here.

Good to know
Production Expert: 2-way monitors vs 3-way monitors

Production Expert 2-way vs 3-way The experts from Pro Tools Expert follow the question what benefits can someone expect from a 2way monitor and what advantages deliver a 3-way monitor. This all is nicely explained on the sample of the EVE range including highlighting nicely our SC3070 model that we recently launched at NAMM.

Follow this link to the article in full length please.

Interview with EVE Audio's CEO & speaker designer Roland Stenz

EVE Audio Subwoofers Students from Amsterdam SAE school visited our company to learn more about the brand EVE Audio.
At the end of the tour was an interview with our CEO and speaker designer Roland Stenz. 

Please watch the video here to find out what is his design philosophy.

In the spotlight

EVE Audio TS107 review in Amazona In the blog of Produce Like A Pro is a first Lab Talk article available the engineers from EVE Audio published about room acoustics.

Please have a look – Lab Talk Room Acoustics 101 is here available for you.

Issue #32 | 2020, April

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