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Issue #37 2021, March
EVE Audio introduces
SC4070 Studio Monitor
New EVE Audio SC4070 Studio Monitor
No compromise 4-way mid field / main monitor equally suited for vertical or horizontal placement.
On the eve of our company's 10th anniversary are we at EVE Audio proud to announce the debut of our newest monitoring solution, the SC4070.
Designed and assembled in Berlin, Germany, is the SC4070 a high-resolution, four-amplified mid field / main monitor optimized for precise midrange and enhanced powerful bass response. With an eye-catching rotatable centrepiece that houses midrange and tweeter section is SC4070 flexibly suited for vertical and horizontal installations and a perfect work piece for mid to large size controls room where quality and consistent power output are important variables.
The SC4070 powered studio monitor utilizes two 6,5" low frequency drivers and a 4" glass-fibre honeycomb diaphragm woofer. The latter has been designed to reproduce clear midrange frequencies with utmost detail. The twin woofers allow reducing distortion even on high SPL and deliver an incredible tight and homogeneous bass down to 32Hz and a very linear overall response.
EVE Audio's proprietary RS3.1 Air Motion Transformer completes the system and reproduces silky-smooth and accurate high frequencies.
EVE Audio SC4070 - Product video
All of the SC4070's frequency response parameters are controlled by high-resolution DSP electronics supported by a high quality A/D converter from Burr-Brown. Four high-quality Class D amplifiers with a total short-term output power of 1000W are directly connected to the DSP section with no additional conversion to ensure extreme reliability and a max output level of 126dB (SPL @ 1m, half space, pair).
The speakers are packaged in sophisticated cabinet that endows a bevelled ultra-stiff front plate to reduce unwanted resonances and diffraction.
Key features:
>> Fully-fledged 4-way midfield / main monitor 
>> Proprietary RS3.1 Air Motion Transformer for pristine but silky-smooth high-frequency reproduction 
>> 4-inch glass-fibre honeycomb woofer for clear mids with utmost detail 
>> Twin 6,5-inch low frequency drivers with glass-fibre coated honeycomb membrane to reproduce powerful bass down to 32Hz and reduce distortion even on high SPL (max output level 126dB SPL @ 1m, half space, pair)
>> Sophisticated cabinet with bevelled ultra-stiff front plate to diminish unwanted resonances and diffraction 
>> Dedicated 4 x 250 W Class D amplifier – one amplifier per channel
>> DSP control and processing using our SMART knob for perfect integration into every listening environment 
>> High-resolution 24bit/192kHz Burr-Brown A/D converter
>> Symmetrical design 
>> Rotatable centrepiece to make SC4070 equally suit for vertical or horizontal installations
>> Dimmable LED ring
>> Detachable grilles to protect A.M.T. 
EVE Audio SC4070 Studio Monitor - Perfect sound reproduction both horizontally and vertically
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