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Issue #41 2021, August
Pro Tools Expert: SC4070 review
EVE Audio SC4070 Review - Production Expert
To review our brand new SC4070 studio monitor the experts from Pro Tools Expert have lent an ear to a pair SC4070. Editor James Richmond pleasantly reports that in his 6m x 5m control room "they sound terrific".
The conclusions is: "Eve Audio is going from strength to strength at the moment. The SC4070 is a fantastic product and [...] a very capable set of monitors with a great natural sound that can be, with the help of the onboard DSP, tailored to suit your room. The RS3 ribbon-based design, with its smooth top end, is pleasantly non-fatiguing for long days in the studio."
Please take a moment to read the review in full length.
David Gnozzi from MixBus TV talks about his SC3012 main monitors
David Gnozzi from MixBus TV - EVE Audio SC3012
David Gnozzi who is not only known for his work as a producer and engineer but also for his successful youtube channel MixBus TV has given an interview in which he talks at lengths about the gear he counts on, his way of working and how his career has started. With its almost 100 min the interview goes really deep. From min 40 to 50 he speaks why he relies on his SC3012.
Please meet David and enjoy his video.
EVE Audio: video F.A.Q.
EVE Audio - Video F.A.Q.
In this video we answer the most asked questions we receive from customers. Please have a look, maybe we can answer a question you may have. If you have a topic or question we haven’t covered, leave a comment please below the video and we will follow up in our next episode.
Studio Tour at Lattitude Studio South with Michael Lattanzi
Lattitude Studio South - EVE Audio SC203, SC407 & SC408
Michael Lattanzi, who recorded and produced Megadeth's Grammy award-winning "Dystopia" album opens the doors to his Lattitude Studio South in Leiper's Fork, TN, US to take us on a tour through his breathtaking studio.
Its not only an amazing place, Michael also talks in great detail about all the gear he uses. Its a full EVE Audio house: Michael Lattanzi counts on SC203 , SC407 and SC408.
Please join the studio tour and enjoy.
SC4070 Review from Music Maker Report (French language)
EVE Audio SC4070 review in Music Maker Report
Music Maker Report, the first and only French-speaking Belgian magazine for musicians and sound engineers has reviewed our SC4070 main monitor and introduces our monitor as follows:
"The SC4070 features an advanced mid/high frequency section and the ability to easily reproduce the lower end of the spectrum thanks to two 6.5" drivers and a very generous amplifier stage. The two woofers reduce distortion, even at very high sound pressure levels, and produce an incredibly tight and homogeneous low end and a very linear overall response."
Their conclusion is: "The SC4070 is an excellent tool for medium and large listening rooms, where sound quality and power are important variables. It ideally combines a powerful bass, a fully transparent midrange and a silky, crystal clear treble. It is likely that this new monitor will set the standard for versatility, balance and accuracy in the near future."
The review in French language is here available – please chose top left magazine Music Maker Report 01/2021 and go to page 40.
Amazona SC4070 review
EVE Audio SC4070 Review - Amazona
As one of the first magazines world-wide has the German trade journal "amazona" reviewed our SC4070 that was launched in March 2021.
Their conclusion is: "Overall, the SC4070 deliver a modern sound with strongly pronounced transients, a powerful low end, sophisticated mids and beautiful, smooth highs.
The sound image has a very analytical character that reproduces the smallest nuances in great detail."
Please read the full review - for our international readers sadly in German only.
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