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Issue #42 2021, September
SC4070 - TEC Award Finalist
Eve Audio SC4070 - TEC Award finalist
We are thrilled to announce that our SC4070 has been selected as a Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award Finalist in the category of studio monitors.
The TEC Award is widely recognized as the highest honor dedicated to our pro audio and sound recording industry. Finalists were selected from a pool of hundreds of entries and from an international committee. Becoming a TEC award nominee is a great honor for all of us at EVE Audio.
Voting begins November 17th. We hope for your vote – thank you.
EVE Audio in latest video from Carrie Underwood and Jason Aldean
EVE Audio in Carrie Underwood's and Jason Aldean's video
Carrie Underwood's and Jason Aldean's brand-new song "If I Didn't Love You" was recorded in Lattitude Studio South in Tennessee, US and also the video to the song was shoot over there. The studio is home of EVE Audio SC203 and SC408, and those speakers are beautifully presented in the video.
Within a few days the video gathered over 1.6 mio views – please check it out, the video is a real eye candy.
EVE Audio - SC4070 in analog mastering chain for Techno Music
EVE Audio SC4070 - Techno Music video
Our BeliEVEr Florian Meindl from Riemann Kollektion changed studio and monitors. In his new studio he upgraded to SC4070 and is very pleased with the choice of his monitors.
Florian introduces his analog mastering chain for Techno Music. Please join the studio tour!
Tech Talk video
Tech Talk video - Rotating the mid/high plate
Do you want to know how to rotate the middle plate we use in our main monitors SC4070, SC408, SC3010 or SC3012?
In our latest Tech Talk video Peter takes you through guidance how to rotate them easily and shows you what tools are needed.
AudioCHAT: SC305 video
EVE Audio SC305 - AudioCHAT video
AudioCHAT is a new YouTube channel from Portugal and we are pleased to notice that the very first gear video on this young channel features the EVE Audio SC305 studio monitor.
The video review is done with great attention to detail, includes many good things and many right things about SC305. It's a pleasure to watch, here is the video in English language.
EVE Audio - SC4070 review in Estrada i Studio
EVE Audio SC4070 Review - Estrada i Studio
The Polish Estrada i Studio magazine reviewed our brand new SC4070 studio monitor.
For use in practice they note: "The monitors can play very loud indeed. 126dB SPL at peak is no mean feat, so the sets can successfully operate as main systems in interiors of up to 250 cubic metres."
Conclusion is: "SC4070 are monitors for very demanding producers, who appreciate sonically neutral listening with great dynamic capabilities. They cope well with both raw, uncompressed material and highly saturated material with LU levels as low as -7dB, as is the case with many tracks on Spotify. This makes them also suitable for use in mastering studios, not to mention production and post-production studios."
The full review in Polish language can be read here.
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