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Issue #45 2022, February
Hop Pole Studios SC207 video review
Eve Audio SC207 - Hop Pole Studios
Adam Steel from the British YouTube channel Hop Pole Studios replaced his studio monitors and uses now a pair SC207 that is standing proud and tall on his solid BBC console.
Here are Adam's statements about the onboard DSP, the backward oriented bass-reflex ports and the sonic impressions:
"It got three EQ I can do in there, and volume control of course. This is all one front and I think this is great because it means I can turn them on and off without having to reach around the back and I can change EQ without going round the back."
"The bass was solid without being flabby which is really good, considering that these are ported. But they are rear ported which I did worry about because these walls behind the speakers tend to reflect but it turns out that the big wide port that’s on the back really stops that from being a problem. Very well done to EVE."
"The EVE Audio SC207 win, hands down. These are the most honest, good feeling speakers that don't try and pander to make things sound good. They sound real. Any mistakes that are on there are definitely of my doing which means I instantly fix them and so my mixes sound better."
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Peter Lagoda goes Dolby Atmos with SC4070, SC205, TS110
EVE Audio SC205, SC4070, TS110 - Peter Lagoda
Peter Lagoda is a former bass player from Germany who now works mainly as a mixing and mastering engineer but is also a music producer and musician.
Peter used to have a stereo set-up with EVE Audio monitors in his studio and converted it completely to a Dolby Atmos system. Today he works in his studio with three SC4070, eight SC205 and one TS110.
"The AMT creates a wider sweep spot for your listening position. You don't have to stick with your head in one position, you can move a little bit... without loosing your stereo image."
"And the low end, man, the EVE Audio's they have sooo much power in the low end without being hyped."
SC4070 – TEC finalist and voting
Vote for EVE SC4070 - TEC Award Finalist
As you may remember our SC4070 As you may remember our SC4070 has been selected as a Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Award Finalist in the category of studio monitors.
The TEC Award is widely recognized as the highest honour dedicated to the pro audio and sound recording industry. The voting process for the 37th Annual NAMM Technical Excellence & Creativity (TEC) Awards is in full swing and the Awards Ceremony scheduled for June 4, 2022, in Anaheim, USA.
If you would like to support us, please enter the digital voting booth.
Thank you for your vote.
"The Mill at Vicksburg" sound project chooses SC307
EVE Audio SC307 - The Mill at Vicksburg with Joe Stratton
Joe Stratton, musician and sound engineer based in the USA had the good fortune of being granted an artist residency at The Mill at Vicksburg, an enormous old paper mill in southwest Michigan, US recently saved from demolition and ready to be rebuilt as a world-class event space, brewery, and live music destination. The proposal presented was centered on the desire to construct an ambisonic listening chamber, where spatial audio could be heard in all its three-dimensional glory.
The chosen venue was an approximately 500m2 room in which to build the system. After an arduous process of auditioning different sets of high-quality speakers the room got filled with an array of EVE Audio SC307s. While many speakers tried could produce full and powerful responses, the EVE’s stood out as astonishingly detailed and uncrowded. Precise and expansive without harshness in the highs or any hint of mud in the lows. He designed the set-up based on the maximum listening distance of the EVEs as midfields: eight carefully placed SC307s in an octagon, each 2.5m from the center.
AudioCHAT: SC3070 Video
EVE Audio SC3070 - AudioCHAT video review
AudioCHAT is a young and up and coming video channel that provides videos in Portuguese and English. Joao from AudioCHAT tested our SC3070 studio monitor in his studio. He pays highest attention to every detail and is very much pleased with the details, clarity and definition those speakers provide.
And, with SC3070 Joao found "his" speakers to rely on for the next decade. Why is that the case? Find out here.
BeliEVEr Chevy One wins "Best Production for Television" award
EVE Audio SC407 - Chevy One wins 'Best Production for Television' award
UK based producer Chevy One is one of our first SC407 BeliEVErs and using SC407 since. In 2021 he won "Best Production for Television" award for a commercial he did for Channel 4 in the UK.
Chevy One states: "As a result of my natural passion for advertising, I've just recently attained the "Best Use of Production Music for Television" Award 2021 from The Production Music Awards. My fascination for this industry has led me to create and compose original, bespoke music production work for the likes of Mastercard, Bulgari, KFC, Fiat, Maybelline, Rimmel, Channel Four, Bumble, Nike, River Island, Police Sunglasses, Eon to name a just few."
"Though my music services and sound design skills I've had the opportunity to work with renowned companies such as Korg, Ableton, Beatport, Sample Magic, Sounds To Sample, Propellerheads and Audaire."
"Music Labels that have released my productions include Def Jam Records, Warner Music, Owsla, Armada Music, Pias and Strictly Rhythm."
We all from EVE Audio congratulate Chevy One in winning this award and thank him for being since many years a strong BeliEVEr.
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