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Issue #50 2022, August
Adrian Tucker talks about SC3070
Adrian Tucker on his EVE Audio SC3070 monitors
Adrian Tucker is a mastering engineer and producer who runs one of the most popular Spanish-speaking YouTube channels about music productions. Adrian owns a Dolby Atmos studio in Madrid, Spain. Here in this video, he talks specifically about the SC3070 monitors he not only uses for stereo but that also serve him as LF and LR speakers in his Dolby Atmos installation.
Adrian states as follows:
"The mid-range is very important for me because that's where most of issues occur [...]. SC3070s have absolute precision when it comes to midrange reproduction."
Product spotlight: SC204, SC205, SC207, SC208
Product Spotlight video - SC204, SC205, SC207 & SC208
Our next spotlight video is online. In this second episode of our series of spotlight videos we put on spotlight our entire range of 2-way monitors: SC204, SC205, SC207 and SC208. All features in one video – please check it out.
Product Spotlight video - SC203
To re-view our first episode in which our desktop loudspeaker SC203 was put on spotlight, follow the please check here:
Electronic Beats Tech Talk video featuring BeliEVEr Florian Meindl
Electronic Beats video featuring BeliEVEr Florian Meindl
Electronic Beats released another Tech Talk video. The new episode is featuring Austrian producer, DJ, live performer and BeliEVEr Florian Meindl.
Florian walks us through the set up at his Berlin studio which features an extensive range of synthesizers, drum machines, a modular system and mastering equipment including two SC4070 and four TS112.
Audio Media International: SC4070 review
TEC Award winnder SC4070 reviewed in Audio Media International
Following the prestigious TEC Award won by our SC4070 in June this year, Audio Media International presents our Main Monitor in a more in-depth review including a brief interview with EVE Audio.
Tech Talk Video: Subwoofer-Satellite Connection
How to connect your monitors and your subwoofer
What should you bear in mind when connecting a subwoofer to the satellites in a stereo or surround sound setup?
You can find answers to that question in our latest Tech Talk video.
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