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Issue #51 2022, October
Produce Like A Pro:
SC203 – perfect for traveling
Produce Like A Pro:  EVE Audio SC203 perfect for traveling
Is it still possible to surprise Warren Huart from Produce Like A Pro? Yes, it is. We did that with our desktop loudspeaker system SC203.
Please watch Warren when he listens to the SC203 for the first time and find out what surprised him and what he likes.
"Insane how much low end they have."
SC203 comes "with a 3inch woofer which is hard to believe considering the amount of low end we are getting out of these."
"Vocals sound beautiful."
"Absolutely superb."
"So natural."
"Beautiful little speakers."
"Pretty damn fantastic. They are really really great sounding speakers."
"And, of course, being RCA means you can plug them straight into your laptop."
Coldman Beats open the doors to his new studio
EVE Audio SC207 - Coldman Beats open the doors to his new studio
The owner of the YouTube channel Coldman Beats has been a BeliEVEr for a long time and moved to a new studio now. The new studio is larger than the previous one. Consequently, the SC205 he had before are too small and Coldman Beats upgraded to SC207.
Please join Coldman Beats on his studio tour and find out how his new studio looks like and which equipment been built in DIY-style.
The video is in Spanish with English subtitles.
BeliEVEr video:
Jurij Gold believes in SC205 and TS107
BeliEVEr video: Jurij Gold beliEVEs in SC205 and TS107
Another BeliEVEr video is out: we interviewed Jurij Gold, who is a German producer mostly for urban music.
Jurij works with musicians all over the world and travels a lot. For the interview we met him in the Swiss mountains, where he had travelled with his pair of SC205 and a TS107:
"They give me great sound, wherever I go."
"When I'm sitting here in my perfect triangle I can do mixes that translate well to other speakers. We have been checking the mixes in my car [...] and they sound really great even though it's not acoustically treated here and I never worked here."
"This is really a great sound system, it's flexible, it's portable, it's adjustable."
BeliEVEr Story:
High Tide Studios Proaudio.de
BeliEVEr Story in Proaudio.de: High Tide Studios
The Germany based High Tide Studios invited proaudio.de to show them their three different control rooms including an impressive 30.1 Dolby Atmos system they use with 30 SC205 and 1 TS112 in there.
"With EVE Audio speakers, I simply know that they are very precise in the high frequency range without tiring my ears, and I also find the bass reproduction very "compact" and direct, without booming and droning."
The interview is in German.
Book recommendation
EVE Audio: book recommendation
"Sound Reinforcement for Audio Engineers" is a reference book written by Wolfgang Ahnert and Dirk Noy, both of Walters-Storyk Design Group, that illustrates the current state of the art in sound reinforcement.
Beginning with an outline of various fields of applications, from sports venues to religious venues, corporate environments and cinemas, this book is split into 11 chapters covering room acoustics, loudspeakers, microphones and acoustic modelling among many other topics. 
This comprehensive book packed with references and a historical overview of sound reinforcement design is an essential reference book for students of acoustics and electrical engineering, but also for engineers looking to expand their knowledge of designing sound reinforcement systems.
The book is available right now and can be ordered at the publishing company or at amazon.
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