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Issue #54 2023, February
Production Expert:
SC2070 review
SC2070 - World first review by Production Expert
The world-first SC2070 review is already out. It appeared with Production Expert, and here are some findings:
"I found the SC2070 incredibly linear, never "boxy" or nasal in some of the middle octaves of the piano. The sound feels bigger than the size of the speaker, unconstrained, and not flanged or inflated."
"Using the SMART-knob to fiddle with these functions was a joy."
The conclusion is:
"The SC2070 is a modern reference monitor. Rich in bass power and sub-lows energy, fast on the transients, with a solid foundation in the subwoofer area that you can still hear at very low volume, which to me is incredibly important."
Kohlekeller Studio:
IR's in EVE Audio's reverb room
Kohlekeller Studios : creating IR's in EVE Audio's echo chamber
Kristian from the YouTube channel Kohlekeller Studio came to visit our company to create impulse responses in our reverberation room.
How our reverberation room looks like, how the set up was made to create and record impulse responses and which model from the EVE Audio monitor range was used is all explained here in this video.
These reverb IR's are available for a free download. If you want to learn more about recording, mixing and mastering heavy music subscribe for the Kohle Audio Kult Academy. Kohle Audio Kult is an online community that provides heavy artists and producers with everything they need to take their music and production skills to the next level.
Kristian is also a BeliEVEr and relies in his studio on SC3070. Learn here what he says about SC3070.
Immersive Audio production in High Tide Studio, Germany
High Tide Studios - Immersive audio production with EVE Audio
Walter Schimon and Benedikt Ernst are talking about the making of their song "Just a feeling" that was especially made for 3D audio and won "Europe's Sixth Student 3D Audio production Competition in Ambisonics" in the category Music Recording/Studio Production.
Their song was produced in High Tide Studios in Germany that has an immersive audio studio with an impressive 30.1 system, containing 30 x SC205 plus 1 x TS112.
To achieve a more natural three-dimensional sound, they used various miking techniques to capture not only the direct signals of the instruments but also the atmosphere it creates.
Please remember the case study about High Tide Studio. The case study is unfortunately only in German but even if you don't speak German, you will enjoy the pictures.
Hosting Glenn Fricker from SpectreSoundStudios for an EVE factory tour
EVE Audio hosts Hosting Glenn Fricker from SpectreSoundStudios
Glenn Fricker from SpectreSoundStudios has paid us a visit and it was a huge pleasure for us to give him a tour of our company.
In this interview, please meet our CEO and speaker designer Roland Stenz who answers all questions Glenn Fricker has. And find out, if we locked Glenn into our anechoic chamber or not... ;-)
EVE Audio website available in Spanish
EVE Audio website now also in Spanish
For all our Spanish-speaking subscribers, we hope you will be pleased to hear that our website is now also available in Spanish.
TS112 review
TS112 reviewed by Amazona.de
The German speaking amazona.de put our TS112 subwoofer on test and the results are very satisfying.
When listening to the TS112 for the first time the editor's first thoughts where: "Now that's what I call a real deep bass."
A large part of the incredibly subtle and unobtrusive sound of the rather large subwoofer is due to the use of our passive cone: "The sound of the EVE Audio TS112 is incredibly warm and unobtrusive, coupled with extreme headroom."
If you read or understand German please don't miss to check out the entire review.
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