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Music & Fine Arts University

Public university, Ankara

Ankara Music and Fine Arts University is a public university in Ankara, Turkey. Established on July 1st 2017 it is the first and only university in Turkey that provides education on music in Turkey.
The university campus features an area of 54,462 m², building space is around 23,600 m² and includes 4 Faculties, 1 Institute and 1 Vocational School.

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Abdurrahman Tarikçi is the head of Music Technology department as well as studio and voice equipment director at Ankara Music University.  In his position as equipment director, he was instrumental in the selection of new studio monitors.
In the end, the choice fell in EVE Audio SC208. One pair is installed in the control room that is mainly used for listening. Here students can switch between different monitors to understand the changes and differences. Another pair is used in the student's auditorium. This auditorium is located directly above the control room and the recording room. Through large windows from auditorium can students watch the musicians in the recording room and follow all operations on the computer thanks to a large screen installed.

"During the education process, our students should be able to distinguish even the smallest details listened to. EVE Audio SC208 can successfully meet this need with the balance it provides. Its resolution, especially in the low-mid region, allows students to clearly understand the changing sound in various mixing applications. The AMT technology used in tweeter systems provides a very detailed listening in high frequency regions. In addition, thanks to the successful design of the drivers, it is possible to listen to these two zones without an audible phase difference. Therefore, we can clearly show our students exactly how each change they make results in hearing."

Ankara university, SC208 Ankara university, SC208

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