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Savotta Studios

Tuukka Heikkinen - Engineer, Producer, Drummer

In Finnish language the word "Savotta" has a double meaning: on one hand, it comes from the Finnish word "logging site" but, there is also a saying in Finland when something takes time and effort to get to the goal it's like "savotta". The diffuser behind the drumset in the studio is made of wooden logs and all other acoustic surfaces are wooden bars, and editing, mixing, music production is always hard work but the results are rewarding. So, what better name but "Savotta" can you think of for a studio in Finland?

The Savotta Studios were originally designed in 2012 by Janne Riionheimo & Riionheimon Akustiikka Oy and built in the same year. It was designed to fullfill requirements for mixing, recording and mastering. The room is isolated from outside noises and acoustically treated with specified wall structures and diffusor/bass trap elements.

The equipment used in the studio changed over the years but in 2018 a pair of EVE Audio SC3010 monitors entered the studio to stay. In the past there was more outboard gear used but in-the-box mixing and mastering has been taken over with plugins and UAD DSP. Later a TS110 subwoofer was added to the system to enable a better control of the low end.

The workstation is ergonomically equipped with a saddle chair and an electric table. The studio furniture was chosen so that the sound can spread unhindered and without obstacles and reflections.

"With EVE Audio SC3010 it's possible to mix and master with the same setup."

Tuukka Heikkinen

In-house engineer, producer and drummer Tuukka Heikkinen aka 2ka says:
"The fact EVE Audio speakers are used by professional producers and studios piqued my interest. I reached out the importer Music Gear Import Finland to get the products I was interested in. MGIF has been very supportive and after testing it was clear that I wanted a full range monitor system with main monitors and subwoofer. With EVE Audio SC3010 it's possible to mix and master with the same setup. Also, when producing songs, I hear how the sound source really is and can make immediate decisions about mixing right from the start."

"For me this is the best listening experience. Precision is what I need for doing quick mixing decisions and mastering."

"Stereo field is precise and transients reproduce clearly. I don't have to push the volume too high and I can trust what I'm hearing. This way I can work longer and the RS6 tweeter won't wear out my ears. And I know how the mix/master translates to other systems."

"I have also least possible distortion with SC3010 amplifiers' headroom and highest quality DA-converters. That way I can hear every nuance and colour of sound."

Savotta Studios - EVE Audio SC3010 + TS110 Savotta Studios - Tuukka Heikkinen Savotta Studios, Tuukka Heikkinen - SC3010 + TS110 Tuukka Heikkinen - EVE Audio SC3010 Savotta Studios - EVE Audio SC3010 + TS110

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