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Air Motion Transformer (AMT)

All EVE Audio studio monitors house an Air Motion Transformer (AMT) to reproduce high frequencies.

The principal of an Air Motion Transformer is fundamentally different from any other driver technologies: a very light, hand folded diaphragm is thinly coated with aluminium. The current of the music signal goes through those conductor paths.

This folded diaphragm is placed in a powerful magnetic field. In result of the opposing direction of the current flow the walls of each single fold work against each other (Lorenz force). The air between the folds is squeezed in and out in a ratio 1:4 (instead of 1:1 as a regular dome tweeter provides). The diaphragm is the tweeter´s motor, controls the tweeter´s motion precisely which leads to more resolution and dynamics in the tweeter section combined with a very low distortion level.

For a better understanding our video here illustrates this technology.

At EVE Audio we have developed 3 different types of Air Motion Transformers. The principle is the same but they are different in construction, served frequency and maximum sound pressure level.


EVE Audio's materials are sourced from the finest suppliers and the best workmanship available. As a product of German engineering at its best, we take pride and stand behind the quality of any of our products.

All quality control is individually hand performed in our Berlin factory before shipping. So you can rest assured that you're buying a top of the line end product. Our glass fibre coated SilverCone woofers with stiff honeycomb structure matched with our Air Motion Tweeters make for a unique speaker with the best possible sound reproduction.

And coupled with high-end DSP electronics, you will have precise controls over volume settings, filter selections, speaker symmetries, phase tweakings, and all this with a simple push knob on your front panel. No more fiddling with screw drivers in inaccessible places under low light conditions.

Welcome to the 21st century.


For us, design is not something that happens by accident: it is one of the core values of our company. That is reflected in all of our products. The silver insertions on the front of the cabinet are not only there because they're beautiful, but also help decouple the micro controller from the audio section and place the user interface in front.

Our engineers have also managed to design the most efficient bass ports in the market, conveniently positioned in the back, that will provide you with an excellent and tight bass response, but without the bass port distortion that other speakers are famous for.

To complete the setup, all EVE Audio speakers come with balanced and unbalanced connections, using XLR and RCA plugs, respectively. All in all, Eve Audio speakers represent the best that money can buy, but still within a very acceptable price range.

And if you think you've heard every monitor speaker in the world, pop up to your nearest reseller and listen to EVE Audio personally.

You might be surprised.


Rigid woofer materials - SilverCone woofers

The woofers for all our SC models are built using a sandwich diapraghm that is honeycomb structered and glass fibre coated. This glass fibre coating helps to achieve the right balance of rigidity and low resonances for the most concise sound reproduction, but also gives the SilverCone its distinct look.

These woofers are driven by either a 1" or 1.5" voice coil, depending on the model. The result is a very tight and dynamic bass response, along with a greater linear excursion when compared to most similar-sized speakers.

To minimize possible distortions, we've implemented a sophisticated low distortion copper cap magnet system that helps the driver system maintain a symmetrical magnetic field in which the voice coil is positioned. This results in a very low harmonic distortion level and higher overall transparency, even at higher sound pressure levels.

DSP / SMART-knob

Acoustic Room Adaption

The high resolution DSP electronics is part of each EVE Audio monitors basic´s configuration and will help you tailor your monitors to your room.

With EVE Audio, you will have precise control over several filter sections, accurate volume control and filter settings. With the high shelf filter are frequencies above 6kHz steplessly variable from -5dB to +3dB. Same at same levels from -5 dB to +3dB but at frequencies below 100Hz can be achieved with the low shelf filter.

The desktop filter achieves a notch at 200Hz (set down) or a boost at 80Hz (set up).

All of this can be accomplished directly from the speaker front panel using the rotary SMART-knob with push button function.

The DSP is supported with a high quality 24 bit/192 kHz A/D converter from Burr-Brown or Cirrus Logic (SC203) that delivers a pristine signal to the DSP section. As the PWM-amplifiers are directly connected to the DSP section, no additional conversion is necessary. This guarantees an extreme reliability.

An LED ring clearly indicates the corresponding status of adjustment that can be dimmed, of course. All settings for volume or room adaption can be locked independently with a DIP switch on rear of the monitor to avoid misuse, operating errors or random changes of settings. For us at EVE, it was important to offer a simple operating concept without the use of additional tools. This simple, intelligent and clean design is user friendly and not confusing.

You can't watch this video because you've decided to refuse embedded videos when setting your privacy preference.

Passive Radiator

EVE Audio is no stranger to unusual technologies, if they prove trustworthy. The passive radiator design of our subwoofers and SC203 is one of those technologies.

We eliminated the need to use a common bass reflex tube, and replaced it with a passive suspended woofer. With this kind of design, all audible noise coming from air turbulences within the tubes disappear, as well as all the multiple pipe resonances that are a side-effect of a two-sided pipe opening.

And as the suspension design of the passive radiator has a restoring force underneath its tuning frequency, this helps reduce all inaudible excursions in the subsonic range. Which in turn results in reduced intermodulation distortion at the audible range.

The result is an easily achieved particularly low tuning or lower cut-off frequency in a very compact cabinet.

Bass Reflex Design

When it comes to efficient and clean design, EVE is at the forefront. We took out everything that wasn't needed. And if there is one thing that you don't need to look at constantly in a speaker, that's a big hole on the front!

To put it simply, a bass port - also known as a vented box or reflex port - uses the sound from the back of the diaphragm as a way to increase efficiency at lower frequencies. With proper adjustment of the right parameters (enclosure volume, tube cross-section and length, etc.) you can substantially improve the performance of your speakers.

However, there is also a down side effect of port compression. As you turn up the volume, the efficiency of the port reduces and distortion will increase.

With EVE, we opted for a tuned, larger than normal, rear rectangular port with no hard edges for our bass port design. That's one of the reasons EVE monitors have an efficiency on the lower frequencies way better than many speaker designs.

The result is high sound pressures with tight and punchy bass frequencies that don't cause port distortion. Crank up the volume, and EVE will deliver a round bass and with no ugly windy holes to look at every time you glance at your speakers.

EVE Audio. Finally, speakers that sound as good as they look.


In most high-end products, it's usually in the details that you will find the most convincing innovations. We believe that is the case with The Grid.

The Grid is a small, hexagonal, removable iron moulded grill that protects your tweeter from any mishaps.

And it's easy to use. You do not need any tools to assemble or remove The Grid, because it latches on magnetically to your tweeter. And due to its shape - which is repeated in the hexagonal pattern of our woofer's design - The Grid snaps into place like magic. Always with perfect alignment. Whether you choose to use The Grid or not, it will not influence the reproduction of your high frequencies adversely.

The Grid. Simplicity is the name of the game.

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